Ararat West Primary School fire that destroyed five buildings in October 2017 was not deliberately lit, investigator says

ARARAT West Primary has been told a fire that destroyed five buildings at the school late last month was not deliberately lit.

The school posted a statement on its Facebook page on Monday that said staff were “able to confirm the fire at our school just over two weeks ago was not suspicious”.

Victoria Police and Country Fire Authority investigators examined the Ararat West fire as well as two other fires that occurred within the space of a few days of the school incident.

“The Investigating Officer (informed) us the investigation has been completed. The cause of the fire was an electrical issue and deemed an accident,” the Ararat West Primary statement said.

“The school can now move forward with settling back into school, finishing up the reinstatement and getting back to our routines as best we can. 

“We are looking forward to the Fete on Friday night and hope everyone comes along. A great opportunity for our community to come together and celebrate the year.”

On Tuesday, children’s entertainment group The Mik Maks announced they would perform a show at Ararat West Primary.

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