Review: Brendan Cowell's 'Plum' is a fast-paced, disarmingly enjoyable read

By Zoya Patel
January 7 2022 - 1:00pm
  • Plum, by Brendan Cowell. Fourth Estate, $32.99.

In the static-filled mind of ex-NRL legend Peter 'Plum' Lum, poetry is unfurling. After a near-miss encounter at the airport he works at, where a seizure rendered him insensible, almost leading to a plane crash on the tarmac, Plum is in crisis. For years, the one thing he could rely on was his body - the body that gave him a stellar career in NRL, that has stayed fit and healthy thanks to daily soft-sand runs and despite a poor diet of beer, cocaine and pub meals. Now, he has to contend with brain disease, caused from the numerous concussions he suffered on the field.