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Moving in a modern world - Smart ways to relocate

Moving in a modern world - Smart ways to relocate

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You might think that moving is something that doesn't change too much over the years, but there are a number of services that have really streamlined getting from A to B.

The restrictions and ever-evolving circumstances of the pandemic have given way to some creative ways to move.

If you are coming or going, here are some smart ways to do so that will save you effort, expense and maybe even both.

The spectrum of professional moving services

Using professional moving services will always yield the best result, as that level of care and experience cannot be matched when you do a DIY move.

It is typically thought that professional moving services involve a big truck, capable movers and access to their quality equipment.

You might only need one of these services and can engage moving companies to assist in that specific area.

In fact, dedicated moving supply companies have sprung up in recent years so that DIY movers don't have to cut too many corners, and some companies will only transport your goods.

Before you rule out professional moving services due to the expense, get a quote for what you actually need first.

The rise of the share economy

The share economy is the peer-to-peer activity of providing goods and services through an online platform - but this goes beyond UberEats.

Many movers have migrated to Airtasker to find people in their local community who are willing to help them pack, pick up items, transport items and even do a deep clean of a home for an amount set by the mover.

Each Airtasker receives reviews from previous tasks and can even negotiate with you on a rate before accepting your task requests. This can be a fabulous way to move on a budget and to ensure your funds are going to people in your area.

Another clever way to leverage the share economy is to order an Uber and place your packed items into the car and send it to your new address.

Of course, this only works if someone is at the new address to receive and unpack the items, but what a great way to divide and conquer the move!

Ferrying your belongings from A to B through Ubers might cost a little bit, so be sure to compare this against the cost of a professional moving service.

Hire what you need

Rather than buying something that you use once and then never again, hiring can be an affordable and environmentally conscious alternative. Hiring a van or a trailer for the weekend will make a world of difference when moving, and save you from putting yourself in an awkward position to borrow a friend's car.

You can also hire a number of tools and equipment from Bunnings Warehouse and other private providers. Hiring a trolley can save you time and save your back and is such a small cost.

You can even hire a lawnmower, carpet cleaner and other appliances and solutions so that you can restore your rental to its previous shine before you hand back the keys.

If you don't have too many heavy items and are more concerned with transporting lots of small items - then hiring additional care for an hour or two might also make sense. This will be especially useful if your household has only one vehicle and you need to complete your move to a timeline.


Times have changed when it comes to moving, but professional moving services are always an option if you have the budget and don't want to take on any of the responsibilities yourself.

If you are open to doing some of the labour yourself, then tapping into the shared economy or hiring some items might be a great route to take.