Ladder leaders toppled | Ararat City Tennis Wednesday competition

In an extremely close encounter, where four of the six matches were tied, Medical Centre managed to inflict the first defeat of the season on the top of the ladder, Stan Hamilton.  

The Weppner boys were in fine form. Josh Matthews is still looking for the ball from a serve that landed three houses down the street.

The youth of Edmond Bush was clearly a telling point in the match between Signteck and Fix IT. 

The whole Signtek team was in top form and they did not lose a set all night.

Second Serve

Husband and wife Kim and Phil Hartwich were on opposite ends of the court. 

The honours were fairly even but it will come as a surprise to most tennis players to hear that Phil was slightly ahead at the end of the evening.

Another close match saw Ricky Ralph narrowly defeat Rural Steel. 

It was good to see Maryanne Harricks playing. 

Hopefully, she will convince her son that it is time he showed his considerable talent on the tennis court.

The biggest win of the round went to Signtek over Marx Metal. 

Shaun Allan was celebrating his wedding anniversary and it would seem that Ben Hartwich took it easy on him. 

The whole Signtek team was in top form and they did not lose a set all night.


Signteck 28  lost to Fix IT 39

G White A Drosg  6 drew  E Bush G Hurst 6

M Stevens K Hartwich 7 d A Kalluri P Hartwich  5

G White M Stevens 2 lost E Bush A Kalluri 10

A Drosg  K Hartwich  5 lost G Hurst  P Hartwich 9

G White K Hartwich  4 drew E Bush P Hartwich 4

A Drosg  M Stevens  4 lost G Hurst  A Kalluri 5

Signtek 38 defeated Marx Metal 22

S Allen P Matthews 9 d B Hartwich D Newberry 5

S Jardine P Bush 5 d N Blizzard R Webb 3

S Allen S Jardine  7 d B Hartwich  N Blizzard 3

P Matthews  P Bush 8 d  D Newberry R Webb 3

S Allen P Bush  5 drew B Hartwich  R Webb 5

P Matthews S Jardine 4 drew  D Newberry  N Blizzard  4

Medical Centre 35 defeated Stan Hamilton 28

R McGregor R Weppner 6 drew J Matthews T Guthrie 6

Ryan Weppner M Allen 6 drew C Barry G Rameka 6

R McGregor Ryan Weppner  7 d J Matthews  C Barry  5

R Weppner  M Allen  8 d T Guthrie G Rameka 3

R McGregor M Allen 4 drew J Matthews  G Rameka  4

R Weppner  Ryan Weppner  4 drew T Guthrie  C Barry  4

Rural Steel 34 lost to Ricky Ralph 39

M Matthews W Jerram 5 lost J Hannett M Verdon 7

B McInnes M Harricks 6 C Hartwich D Ahchow 7

M Matthews B McInnes 4 lost J Hannett C Hartwich 8

W Jerram  M Harricks  9 d M Verdon  D Ahchow 3

M Matthews M Harricks 7 drew J Hannett  D Ahchow

W Jerram   B McInnes  3 lost  M Verdon  C Hartwich 7