Willaura Primary School BMX track has official opening after whole-school effort to build new amenity

Willaura Primary School has officially opened its new BMX track that is located within its grounds.

Willaura principal Tammie Meehan said the pupils had been using the track for a few weeks but they wanted to have an opening ceremony.

Ms Meehan joined with building and grounds committee member and school council secretary John Keynes, school captains Ruby and Angus and house captains Floyd and Jasmine in a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday afternoon.

“The BMX track came about through our Buildings and Grounds Committee,” Ms Meehan said.

“It was designed by Ron Ferguson. It had been in the plans for about six months and then took a day to build but it had to settle for a couple of weeks.

“We have been using it since the last week of last term.”

Ms Meehan said it the track had been a great asset for the wider community as their could come in and use it, and people from Ararat had been coming to visit and ride on the track.

“A lot of pupils had asked for the track and it coincided with the school’s bike program,” he said.

“We do that one night a week at the moment.

“It’s great for the fitness levels of the kids. They ride an recess and lunchtime and some have started riding to school when they never did before.” 

Willaura year five pupil Floyd said he like to ride his bike on the BMX track at recess.

“The best thing about the BMX track is that we have one. It’s such a privilege and a lot of schools don’t have one,” he said.

Teacher Maddi Tapscott said the pupils had also been running a ‘bike-a-thon’ to raise money for Bikes for Humanity.

“Bikes for humanity collects old bikes and sends them over to Africa in a shipping container and teachers the villagers to repair them, so people have bikes and a source of income,” she said.