Second big truck rollover on same road | Photos

A truckie was lucky to escape serious injury after the second truck rollover on the same road within a month near Raglan on Wednesday. 

It’s believed he was travelling south on Raglan-Elmhurst Road in the Western Star log truck before he lost control while rounding a bend in pine plantations northwest of the town about 7.30am.

Avoca-based Sergeant Mick Rentsch said the 26-year-old man sustained hip and leg injuries and was conveyed to Ballarat Base Hospital in a stable condition.

“He had picked up his load at Elmhurst and was heading to Geelong but lost control,” Sergeant Rentsch said.

“Speed was not believed to be a factor.”

Police and firefighters remained on scene to oversee the clean up late into the morning. Pyrenees Shire Council spokeswoman Kate Deppeler said Raglan-Elmhurst Road was temporarily closed between Raglan and Elmhurst.

The crash came just three weeks after another truck had tipped along the same road back on June 19. 

It was carrying a big excavator but rolled while navigating a bend.

Raglan-Elmhurst Road was sealed in recent years.

Council’s 2016-17 budget had put aside $7.1 million for capital works, including $463,000 to maintain key safety improvements along the roadway.

Concerns over trucking safety were raised when a man was killed in a truck rollover near Meredith on April 4.

The driver tragically died at the scene, while his 32-year-old female passenger was airlifted to a Melbourne hospital for further treatment.

TAC road safety director Samantha Cockfield has previously said wintry conditions exacerbated the dangers of driving on country roads. 

“Slowing down, staying alert and driving to the conditions becomes even more important when weather and road conditions are poor,” she said.

Black ice, fog, mist, rain, wind and land slips were all potential hazards during winter months, Ms Cockfield said.