Introduction to the Ararat Advertiser intern

As this is my first column as an intern for the Ararat Advertiser/Stawell Times News, I thought it might be a good opportunity to let readers know a little more about the new name they have seen popping up all over their local newspaper.

I can’t say that I knew a great deal about this area when I got in the car to make the hour long journey here from my hometown of Ballarat two weeks ago. 

Needless to say, I didn't quite know what to expect but since I walked through the door of the Ararat Advertiser, I have found the most lovely, friendly group of people in the office and a community ready to put me up to date on anything going on in the region. 

I am still completing my studies and have one subject left in the Master of Journalism course at Monash university. 

Journalism wasn’t what I always imagined I’d be doing, as my university studies attest to. My undergraduate degree was in Archaeology at La Trobe University in Melbourne.

I’ve also completed Honours in history, back in Ballarat through Federation University. 

Although I was never able to find a job in that area, history is still a major passion of mine and something that I find fascinating about this area. I have even taken part in some archaeological excavations around Victoria. 

I’m still building up my repertoire of journalistic experience and have previously spent a month with The Courier in Ballarat. I have also spent some time writing for the Italian newspaper in Melbourne, Il Globo, where I had the opportunity to utilise my love of writing and brush up on my Italian language skills.  

When I have some spare time, there is nothing I like better than sitting down with a good book. I am also trying to write one myself, which, despite all of my procrastination, will hopefully happen one day. 

I am an avid music fan and enjoy tinkering around with my violin and keyboard and creating a few of my own melodies. 

One day I hope to travel widely and see the world but for now there is a lot of history and beauty around your town and I am enjoying getting to know that a bit better.

I am proud to be able to play a part in delivering news to your region. 

I hope to find out a lot more about your community within the next two weeks of my internship and will have great memories of this experience. 

Anna Evans

Anna Evans