Football league supports interleague future

Despite the Mininera and District Football League’s loss to South West in the interleague match on Saturday, the league’s board is keen for the annual fixture to continue.

Mininera league chairman John Box hopes the game continues in 2018.

Mininera league chairman John Box hopes the game continues in 2018.

Some people within the league have raised concerns about the future of the match after a drop of interest from players to make themselves available for the match but league chairman John Box said there is still a place for the game next year.

“I was happy with the players we had in, they gave 100 per cent,” he said. 

“Regarding the result, you cannot win everytime, it is the first time in quite a while we have lost, so I am not too worried about that.

“The players we had in the team were keen to keep it going and the players I spoke to after the game were honoured to play in the game.”

The Mininera team lost by 31 points in Hamilton but were missing multiple interleague standard players.

Box said it was important the match continued in the future to increase awareness of the league and to try and continue to attract players to the teams involved.

“If you want to promote the Mininera league, interleague is the way to do it I think,” he said.

“The drop off has happened right through the leagues, it is not just the Mininera league that has seen player interest fall.

“Most players are getting paid these days, so they want the week off when they are not playing with their team but I can definitely see it continuing.”

The league has a board meeting scheduled for Monday night where the interleague match will be discussed. 

Box said it will also be put to the clubs during the year to see if they want it to continue.

“We will put it to the clubs and leave it up to them and if they are happy to have it continue, then we will keep it going and if they are not interested, then we will pull the pin,” he said.

“From my point of view, it would be disappointing if it stops.

“I think it promotes the league win, lose or draw and of course it would be better to win but it is not the be all and end all.

“I think if we have a look at South West and make it a round robin against them and Warrnambool and District and some others, then it could be something to consider in future years.

“If the clubs are not going to support the interleague, there is not much point trying to continue it against other leagues.”