Can you park in front of an Australia Post mailbox?

THE perfect car park might look like it is free directly in front of an Australia Post mailbox, but stopping there could be an expensive mistake.

Look closely at the mailbox and it will display the words “no standing”.

Victorian road rules state a driver must leave a three-metre gap before and after their car and any Australia Post mailbox when parking.

The only exceptions are if the driver is dropping off or picking up passengers or mail, or stopping on a road where other signs state cars can stop.

Breaking the law could result in a $466 fine.

Wangaratta Highway Patrol’s Senior Constable Patrick Murray said the laws were in place to protect Australia Post workers.

“We’d enforce it if there’s been a complaint,” he said.

“It’s a safety issue because those guys have to work in a safe environment and that’s means being able to drive up to the postbox.

“It’s a matter of reducing risk.”


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