Odds and evens confusing for Green Hill Lake users

A necessary part of camping as Matthew, Jonah and Lucy Evans clean up.
A necessary part of camping as Matthew, Jonah and Lucy Evans clean up.

ARARAT - While Matt Evans from Frankston has been enjoying his time at Green Hill Lake with his two children, one of the lake's rules has him somewhat bemused.

The odds and evens system allows for power boating, water skiing and personal water craft to operate on the lake on four alternating days per week (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday) during Eastern Daylight Saving time, while the remaining three days of each week are restricted to non-power boats or boats operating at less than five knots.

While last summer signage at the lake didn't indicate the rule was in place, therefore allowing more flexible usage, new signs installed over the winter period mean the system must be upheld.

Mr Evans said it seemed to be an unreasonable request.

"The 'odds and evens' rule is absolutely ridiculous," he said.

"It is a free lake and if I want to go out on a jet ski and have some fun or I want to go out fishing and I see some jet skis out there, well that is just part and parcel of life.

"I would say it would be better to have a rule where from 6pm to 8am it is fishing and then all other times it is speed boats, because I fish and have caught plenty of trout in my life and I can tell you now, you will not catch a fish in the midday sun. Not with that amount of water in the lake anyway."

Despite the rule, Mr Evans said he and his family have still enjoyed plenty of time out on the water.

"We have been water skiing, wake boarding and all that stuff," he said.

"This is about my sixth time up here, but I still think the lake needs a bit more water in it."


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