Natalie wouldn’t change a thing

ARARAT - Although she had a falling out with trainer Shannan Ponton in the final days, The Biggest Loser's latest evictee Natalie Wohlers wouldn't change a thing about her time on the reality program.

The mother of four battled illness this week which left her with little energy to exercise and eventually saw her record the lowest weight loss on the blue team.

"It was pretty tough only losing .9kg in the last week. I was actually really sick and had a virus for about the last two weeks I was up there, so I couldn't do too much. Looking back now though, I was pretty homesick and I was probably making myself feel worse too," Natalie said.

"I am disappointed I came home, but I was missing the kids like crazy and it is a game at the end of the day, we all know and accept that."

Natalie is the fifth straight blue member to be booted from The Biggest Loser house, leaving trainer Shannan with just four Ararat champions on his team.

The hard working mum was always a favourite of Shannan's, known as the 'survivor' on the blue team after Natalie revealed in the audition process that she had battled and survived cancer at an earlier age.

Natalie said Shannan was an excellent motivator and played a big part in helping her drop more than 12kgs while in the house.

"I think the first day was an absolute shock to the system, but after you complete a challenge or workout session you feel empowered and proud of what you have done," she said.

"The first training session, it was really focused around Cam (Brown) because he blew up, so that was alright because it wasn't so intense for the rest of us.

"You can't slow down though, because as soon as you do Shannan will come marching over, which can be scary.

"Shannan and I got along really well until the last two days. We had a bit of a falling out, he told me a few things and I let him know straight back! But we are mates again now."

Like many of the eliminated contestants, Natalie said the Chains of Pain challenge on the Sydney beach was 'one of the toughest and most exhausting', however it was the first weigh-in at the Ararat Performing Arts Centre that proved the hardest situation to overcome.

Natalie said stepping on the scales and revealing her weight of 117.6kg to family and friends was terrifying.

"It was a pretty horrible experience because everyone knows my family in Ararat and I found it hard to have my in-laws, sister and parents all there, but particularly my husband because I'd never told him how much I weigh," she said.

"The kids were supposed to be on a train to their dad's, but I turned around and they were all there too, so it was very confronting.

"I think at the time I was worried what people would say. You doubt yourself because every other weight loss method you've tried before has failed, so you don't know if going into the house will help and you think 'if I don't lose anything then everyone will now know what I weigh'."

Natalie was one of four mothers competing on The Biggest Loser this season and the 38-year-old said all the ladies formed a strong bond.

Natalie said everyone is working hard in the house, but she would like to see Katrina Pianta take out the title.

"It was really scary (going into the house) because I didn't know everyone very well, I knew the faces from around Ararat, but I keep to myself a fair bit I guess," she said.

"I was a bit of a sook sometimes. I had photos of my kids all up but it was really tough to leave them.

"In the house I eventually had to come out of my shell and everyone is there for the same reason and all gave good support."

Natalie said since she has returned from The Biggest Loser house everything has clicked for her and she is more determined than ever.

"Now that I know the kids are fine I am really focused," she said.

"Before I went to the house I never had the energy and just getting out of bed was a struggle, but since I've been back I am just buzzing whenever I get home from a workout and I even have to go for a walk just to wind down.

"I'd like to be at 85kg by the finale. I am not sure if I am going to get there, I think its achievable, but I'll just see how I go.

"I have been training every day and have sessions with a personal trainer three days a week, so I am doing everything that's asked of me and my PT is really happy with how I am going.

"It was an experience that I'll never look back on with negativity."

Current weight loss

Craig - 27kg

Kerry - 22.8kg

Caitlin - 17.6kg

Toni - 17.1kg

Cal - 17.1kg

Jane - 15.6kg

Sharon - 14.2kg

Katrina - 14kg

Shannon - 11.2kg

Kevin - 8.7kg

Natalie (eliminated) - 12.6kg

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