WIMMERA DRAW - Rats to face Nhill and Stawell three times in season

WFL - The bye has been eliminated from the Wimmera Football League draw following Horsham RSL Diggers' withdrawal from the competition.

The new draw for the 2014 WFL season will see two split rounds to allow for the regulatory two weekends off during rounds nine and 13, while the interleague match after round five will also give most players a break.

The other major change with the departure of the Diggers will see some teams do battle on three occasions during the home and away season.

These match-ups have been based on the finishing position on the ladder of the senior teams in 2013.

The rivalry between the Ararat Rats and Stawell Warriors will be on full display when the two clubs go head-to-head in round two, round nine and round 16.

The Rats will also take on Nhill three times twice at Alexandra Oval and once at Davis Park in rounds one, eight and 15.

The first round of matches will be played on Saturday, April 12, before breaking for the Easter long weekend.


Round 1 (April 12)

Dimboola v Horsham Saints

Horsham v Warrack Eagles

Ararat v Nhill

Minyip-Murtoa v Stawell (Min)

Round 2 (April 25 - Anzac Day)

Horsham v Horsham Saints

(April 26)

Nhill v Warrack Eagles

Dimboola v Minyip-Murtoa

(April 27)

Stawell v Ararat

Round 3 (May 3)

Horsham Saints v Ararat

Warrack Eagles v Dimboola

Minyip-Murtoa v Horsham

Stawell v Nhill

Round 4 (May 10)

Nhill v Horsham Saints

Warrack Eagles v Stawell

Ararat v Minyip-Murtoa

Horsham v Dimboola

Round 5 (May 17)

Horsham Saints v Warrack Eagles

Horsham v Ararat

Minyip-Murtoa v Nhill

Dimboola v Stawell

Interleague v North Central League

(May 24)

Round 6 (May 31)

Minyip-Murtoa v Horsham Saints

Ararat v Warrack Eagles

Nhill v Dimboola

Stawell v Horsham

Round 7 (June 7)

Horsham Saints v Stawell

Warrack Eagles v Minyip-Murtoa

Dimboola v Ararat

Horsham v Nhill

Round 8 (June 14)

Horsham Saints v Dimboola

Warrack Eagles v Horsham

Nhill v Ararat

Stawell v Minyip-Murtoa

Round 9 - Split Round

(June 21)

Warrack Eagles v Nhill

Minyip-Murtoa v Dimboola

(June 29)

Horsham Saints v Horsham

Ararat v Stawell

Round 10 (July 5)

Ararat v Horsham Saints

Dimboola v Warrack Eagles

Horsham v Minyip-Murtoa

Nhill v Stawell

Round 11 (July 12)

Horsham Saints v Nhill

Stawell v Warrack Eagles

Minyip-Murtoa v Ararat (Min)

Dimboola v Horsham

Round 12 (July 19)

Warrack Eagles v Horsham Saints

Ararat v Horsham

Nhill v Minyip-Murtoa

Stawell v Dimboola

Round 13 - Split Round

(July 26)

Horsham Saints v Minyip-Murtoa

Warrack Eagles v Ararat

(August 2)

Dimboola v Nhill

Horsham v Stawell

Round 14 (August 9)

Stawell v Horsham Saints

Minyip-Murtoa v Warrack Eagles

Ararat v Dimboola

Nhill v Horsham

Round 15 (August 16)

Horsham Saints v Dimboola

Warrack Eagles v Horsham

Ararat v Nhill

Minyip-Murtoa v Stawell (Mur)

Round 16 (August 23)

Horsham v Horsham Saints

Nhill v Warrack Eagles

Stawell v Ararat

Dimboola v Minyip-Murtoa

Qualifying final: August 30

Elimination final: August 31

Second semi-final: September 6

First semi-final: September 7

Preliminary final: September 13

Grand Final: September 20

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