Premiership versus Prime Ministership

We all know where most of us will be on the last Saturday in September, in front of the television watching two teams battle it out for the AFL premiership.

Not dissimilar this year we all know where we'll be on that first Saturday in September as well. Casting a vote as two sides contest the leadership of our country.

Both events have ramifications. One is the direction our country takes over the next three years, the other is that a team we support can lay claim to being the best in Aussie Rules for the 2013 season.

It is probably safe to assume people know more about the players that could be lining up in three weeks time than the candidates we will be voting for tomorrow.

That makes you wonder, is society's focus skewed in the wrong direction? Or are the people whowant to represent us at home and abroad so boring, so type cast that getting to 'know' and 'like' them is just impossible?

Speak to seasoned voters and a lot of them will tell you this year, for the very first time they just don't know who to vote for.

Either because they don't care or because the debate has become so stagnant, so non-existent that even hardened political observers such as yours truly are going to have a difficult time determining who best deserves that number one mark.

If it is hard enough for experienced voters imagine how hard it must be for first timers!

Both the AFL and politics provide us with a contest between individuals who line up to represent a team week after week. The big difference is one lacks the qualities that make the other so popular - trust, passion and loyalty.

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