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Why effective retail security is more important than ever

Why effective retail security is more important than ever

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Over the last several years the retail industry has taken a huge hit. With Covid-19 strongly affecting stores through not only various lockdowns but then the ensuing social distancing measures.

Though these were put in place to keep the public safe, it, unfortunately, meant that the retail industry was not able to open to its full capacity. Throughout this period, one of the worst hit areas in Australia was Melbourne, with many shopping sectors forced to endure rough terrain when it came to keeping their respective businesses afloat.

However, now that we're operating in a 'covid-normal' state, it is more important than ever for retailers to be able to focus on showcasing their products and services and being able to sell without fear of potential unnecessary losses.

Many businesses in Victoria are hiring a Melbourne security company to effectively cope with dangerous and damaging situations like theft or assault, so as to protect their employees and their business as a whole.

Here, we take a look at why in 2022 it is so vital to have effective retail security stationed within your business, and the ensuing benefits that come with this investment.

Allowing employees to focus on their jobs

A major concern in retail is theft, and whilst it may be possible for a team to allocate a specific member of staff to monitor the store, many stores opt to have just one employee rostered on at a given time.

This is a huge feat to both manage a store, oversee and complete transactions and at the same time attempt to minimise loss prevention. With many retail stores attempting to get back on their feet, it is more likely that there will be fewer employees rostered on, whilst also being imperative that they maximise potential sales.

So, with the added component of in-store security, retail workers are able to focus on the main component of their jobs whilst feeling secure that they are not at risk of missing a potential theft or vandalism incident.

Loss prevention

In the retail industry, stores are always looking at ways they can maximise their loss prevention and these losses aren't just amassing to petty theft, in 2018 theft accounted for over 50 per cent of lost revenue within retail stores, which is an overall loss of approximately $3.37 billion.

And, whilst theft is evidently a major issue in this sector, it is not the only kind of threat that retail workers have to be concerned about. There is also the risk of vandalism or fraud. These kinds of issues can be hugely expensive and damaging, especially for a smaller business.

Not only is it a problem in the short term, but if the vandalism is large enough, stores may have to close for an extended period of time in order to tend to the problem. This leads to a complete loss of sales and it can be incredibly difficult to recoup this loss of income; as a result, having an on-site security presence like security guards is evidently so beneficial.

Not only does this stop crime when it is attempted, but it can also deter potential miscreants from committing the crime in the first place.

Having an emergency response plan in place

Most retail businesses have an emergency plan in place, however, should a major threat arise it can be hugely stressful for employees to try and manage a situation that they are not equipped to handle.

Whilst workers can handle day-to-day problems that pop up, having a security team who are well prepared to handle dangerous, or escalating issues. These security professionals are trained to handle situations in a calm and clear-headed manner and are able to react quickly and competently to an emergency situation.

This can not only de-escalate a dangerous situation but also assist in life-threatening situations in which they are able to administer CPR and first aid.

What kinds of security are the most effective?

As previously mentioned, security isn't simply beneficial when a problem arises, the mere appearance of security can deter potential vandals, as a result, two of the most worthwhile security measures in retail are guards stationed at the front, or throughout the store, as well as visible security cameras, letting the public know that they are being recorded. For the vast majority of people, this means very little as they are there purely to shop, but for potential criminals, this can be enough to stop them in their tracks.

Security cameras are also beneficial in a situation where the assailant is able to evade guards or employees, now there is a recorded visual that can help to track them down, or at the very least clarify what their crime was.


Shopping is an enjoyable pastime. Whether you're having a wander with your friends or purchasing with a purpose with your partner, it is a fun and worthwhile activity. And, for the vast majority of us, this is all we are looking to do.

But, by having a capable security detail at your disposal, retail businesses can rest assured knowing that their losses will likely be minimised and should a problem arise, it will be capably and successfully handled.