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How your environment changes the way you work

How your environment changes the way you work

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We've all been there - your home office is an absolute mess and you simply cannot find the motivation to get on top of your tasks, let alone be productive.

If you are someone who is currently working from home on a temporary or even a permanent basis, it is important to understand that one of the most effective ways of boosting productivity and motivation levels is to ensure that your workspace or environment is one that is conducive to productivity.

If you are struggling to keep clutter at bay or simply in need of some motivation to spruce up your space, this is the article for you.

Today, we look at six small but impactful changes that you can make to your work environment to create a happier, healthier workspace that helps you excel every single day. Read on to find out more!

Rearrange your space

Did you know that the simple task of rearranging your workspace can actually have a massive impact on the quality of work you put out?

Rearranging your home office is a simple task that can help make your space a lot more effective for work by simply switching a few things up.

According to office fit out specialists in Melbourne, rearranging your space serves more than just an aesthetic purpose. A well designed office floor plan should have enough space for electronics such as computers and printers, while still allowing you to move around freely and work comfortably.

Keep clutter at bay

Do you just have stuff...everywhere? Most of us lead incredibly busy lives, with little to no time leftover for rest, let alone cleaning.

Trust me, you're not alone. If clutter is your nemesis, it may be beneficial to first understand the negative impact it can have on your psyche. Clutter has been linked to increased anxiety levels, poor sleep and can even negatively affect our ability to focus.

Do you find that you're irritable, unable to pay attention or simply too stressed to work because your office space is a mess? Well, it just may be time to go on a little decluttering spree.

Reducing clutter by donating unused items and keeping things well organised and out of sight is one of the best ways to not just clear your space but also clear your mind. You'll find that a tidier space allows for your creative juices to flow more freely and will instantly boost your productivity and motivation levels, almost by magic.

Add A Touch Of Greenery

Indoor plants have gained huge popularity in the last few years, and for good reason too.

Aside from almost instantly sprucing up a space, indoor plants also serve a very practical purpose.

Studies have shown that indoor plants can help boost motivation levels, reduce stress, clean the air and even help to reduce noise levels - all things that you definitely want in your home office.

Some popular, low maintenance options include varieties such as the Spider Plant, Monstera, Peace Lily and English Ivy that can all survive in low-light conditions and require minimal watering.

Manage your light

Did you know that your lighting set up can have a huge influence on your mood and behaviour? One of the best ways of introducing light into your home office is with the help of natural light through a window.

But we get it, not everyone has a huge window in a spare room, which is why the next best option is to opt for a variety of different lighting fixtures, ranging from task lighting to ambient lighting and even some decorative lighting that can liven up even the dullest of rooms.

If you work mainly on the computer, you'll also want to ensure that you get yourself a quality desk lamp (aka task lighting) that will allow you to see and work both comfortably and clearly.

Invest in a ouality office chair

If you're sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, the biggest favour you can do for yourself is to invest in a quality office chair.

Being slumped over your desk all day long can cause some serious health problems in the long run, which is why choosing a chair that is both comfortable and ergonomic is key.

A good chair will help to prevent aches and pains, while improving posture at the same time. Having better posture can also improve your overall health, which in turn will naturally boost productivity levels without you even having to try!

Minimise distractions

Unlike a regular office set up, the home office is one that is quite vulnerable to a wide variety of distractions, whether that be screaming kids, noisy neighbours or simply the television that is calling out your name.

In order to boost your productivity levels, distractions have to go! If noisy surroundings is something you're dealing with, we highly recommend purchasing some noise-cancelling headphones that will help to filter noise out (albeit not entirely) and help you stay focused throughout the work day.

Some other tips to minimise distractions include turning your social media notifications off and to plan and prepare your meals ahead of time so that you're not spending two hours in the kitchen deciding on what to have for lunch.


It goes without saying that your work environment can truly impact your mood and productivity levels throughout the day.

By implementing some of these small yet impactful changes to your space, you'll find that not only do you work better, but you'll also feel a lot better.

Do you have any other tips that you think we've missed out on? Comment below to let us know!