Junior Mininera league squads locked in for junior football carnival

BIG GAME: Great Western's Jackson Thomas is in the Mininera and District League under-16 representative squad.
BIG GAME: Great Western's Jackson Thomas is in the Mininera and District League under-16 representative squad.

The Mininera and District Football League representative squads have been named for the junior carnival in Hamilton on Sunday.

The league will send an under-16, under-14 and under-12 team to compete in the event with no official interleague matches scheduled this year.

Alistair Rentsch will coach the under-16s while the duties will be shared by Archie Conboy, Lachie and Tyson Marr for the under-14 representative squad.

Matt Burmeister will take on the coaching role for the league’s under-12 group.

League chairman John Box said it was a good opportunity for the players to face players they wouldn’t normally come up against teams they would not normally be against.

“I think it is a great opportunity especially for the Mininera and district league,” he said.

“A lot of our players get overlooked sometimes, so this is a good chance to play some high quality football against other leagues in the region.

“You always want to get a win, it is competitive but you are playing against top-line footballers but it

It is something the league hopes to embrace in future years but Box said he was hoping for a slight change next season.

“Definitely something we want to embrace in the future but it is disappointing some of the boys who are playing in the under-16.5s are unable to play, due to the competition being under-16 only,” he said.

Each team plays games in a round robin format against other squads from the Hampden, Warrnambool and district, Portland and Hamilton and district leagues. 

The games will be 10-minute quarters with finals to follow in the afternoon.

Box said the under-12 team was still being finalised and will be released by Friday night.

“We will have a full squad but we have not got all the names together,” he said.

“We are working on it at the moment and once the lists are complete, we will forward them onto the clubs so they are aware of which juniors will be playing.” Games will be played at Pedrina Park, the Mininera start times are at 9.55am, 10am and 10.30am for under-12, under-14 and under-16.

Under-16 team: Will Cooper, Charles Waites, Caleb Robinson, Mitch McKinnis, Shaun Moran, Josh Rentsch, Duncan Rentsch, Aaron Glare, Oscar Linke, Brent Wardlaw, Ethan Turner, Oscar Reynolds, Jaylen Lyons, Jackson Thomas and Tyler Wineberg.

Under-14 team: Oliver Wortley, James Phillips, Henry Bensch, Luke Briggs, Dougal Doery, BJ Mcilvena, Noah Cameron, Joel McNaughton, Brody Gibbs, Bailee Turner, Mason Kelly, Zak Peachy, Ned Uren, Ben Skubnik, Ethan Faull, Walter Pope, Josh Mahncke and Noah Wineberg.