Ararat West Primary School counts down until new classrooms are ready for use

Work on the new classrooms at Ararat West Primary School to replace the area destroyed by fire late last year has started with the new building to be completed by the start of August.

The new modulars were delivered to the school last week with works ongoing to combine the new structures as well as fit out the inside ready for the pupils to move into.

School principal Terry Keilar said it was all starting to take shape.

“We got five new buildings last week, it took them three days to put them all together and now they are working on the inside,” he said.

“It has been a really quick process and the plan is to move our classes into the new rooms by the start by term three.”

The fire was caused by an electrical fault. Picture: Kustom Fabrication

The fire was caused by an electrical fault. Picture: Kustom Fabrication

The section of the school was destroyed by fire in October last year with the other schools in the community assisting in the short term so classes could continue.

All classes have been at the Ararat West school this year and Keilar said everyone is excited to get into the new setup and see how it works.

“Everyone is really excited about what is ahead, it has been a really quick turnaround,” he said.

“We are really happy and really thankful to the government and education department so quickly.”

The school had heavy input into the layout of the new classrooms with school council and teachers having regular meetings during the planning process.

Keilar has seen the final layout and is happy with the final product.

“They put the design together and came back and talked to us throughout the process and we are really happy with it,” he said.

“We will have some flexible learning spaces in a collaborative area which will maximise learning for everyone.

“It is a building the same size but we have been a lot more creative with how we utilise it, we believe we have used the space as best as possible.”