Landmate prisoner labour program helps Green Hill Lake Development Board maintain Ararat tourist attraction

Prisoners from Hopkins Correctional Centre at Ararat have continued a long tradition of public works through the Landmate program.

Starting last month, Landmate participants have been assisting the Green Hill Lake Development Board with a variety of maintenance tasks at the popular fishing and camping site outside Ararat.

Grampians Region Landmate supervisor Andrew Marx coordinates the two Landmate crews at Hopkins and one at Langi Kal Kal Prison at Trawalla.

Mr Marx said seven Landmate participants were contributing with general tidying up, minor repairs to fencing and painting at Green Hill Lake.

“Just general maintenance work as directed by the Green Hill Lake committee,” he said.

The Landmate crew is scheduled to install about 500 metres of wire fencing and a new gate, poison noxious weeds, move an exercise machine to a new location, mow grass, spread top soil and sow grass around a new barbecue shelter, remove a large fallen red gum tree and pavers and install a concrete slab for a new barbecue.

“What we’re aiming for is to give the participants new skills that they might not have had before they came into prison and hopefully help them gain employment once they get out,” Mr Marx said.

“The crews have been operating out of Hopkins for nearly 20 years and they have done a lot of work around the district, especially in times of emergencies with floods and fires. Helping with disasters is a big part of our program.”

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