Ararat Musical Comedy Society casts actors for its May and June 2018 performance of ‘Curtains’

Ararat Musical Comedy Society has cast the actors and performers for its May and June performance of ‘Curtains’.

The musical Curtains follows a murder case amidst the cast and crew of a troubled stage performance at a Boston theatre in 1959.

  • The role of Lt Frank Cioffi will be played by Grant Johnson;
  • Niki Harris by Beck McKay;
  • Georgia Hendricks by Christine Bulger;
  • Carmen Bernstein by Joyce Clery;
  • Aaron Fox by Chris Dunks;
  • Sidney Bernstein by Daryl Lowerson;
  • Christopher Belling by Bryan Kennedy;
  • Bambi Bernet by Melissa Sanders;
  • Bobby Pepper by Jack Ward;
  • Ophra Shapiro by Maree Fraser;
  • Johnny Harmon by Russell Purdie;
  • Randy Dexter by Ian McCready;
  • Daryl Grady by Craig Jackson;
  • Jessica Cranshaw by Rennie Hannan;
  • Harriet Fremont by Kelly Warrior;
  • Roy Stetson by Daryl Chaplain;
  • Peg Prentice by Peta Chaplain;
  • Detective O’Farrell by Richard Draper;
  • Detective O’Donnell by Patrick Lonesborough;
  • Roberta Wooster by Evenne Cosgriff;
  • Mona Page by Jen Lofts;
  • Marjorie Cook by Deb Slorach;
  • Arlene Barruca by Leanne McCready;
  • Jane Setler by Jodie Holwell;
  • Connie Subbotin by Jan Pope;
  • and Ronnie Driscoll by Alicia Hall.

The named roles will be supported by an Ensemble cast.

‘Curtains’ Director Andrew Evans, said the show would be a “musical about a musical”.

“You’ve got a company of professional actors that are rehearsing a musical called ‘Robbin' Hood of the Old West’, it’s a bit like ‘Oklahoma’, and the leading lady is murdered in front of everybody.

“The company tries to continue with rehearsing and getting the critics to re-review the show, while at the same time the police come in to investigate the murder.

“It’s a very funny show and it has catchy music.”

Mr Evans said the show had been performed on Broadway and in Melbourne.

“We have done auditions and we have a fantastic cast of local people, spread between Ararat, Stawell, Great Western, et cetera,” he said.

“We have started rehearsing. We have been rehearsing now for two weeks and it looks like it is going to be one hell of a show.”

Mr Evans said the leading actors were experienced on the stage. 

“Grant Johnson was the pirate king in last year’s performance of ‘Pirates’ and was Pooh-Bah in ‘The Mikado’.

“Grant was in ‘Rent’ in Horsham recently. He lives in Ararat and he is an extremely good actor and plays Lt Frank Cioffi, who comes in to lead the murder investigation.

“The person who is his romantic interest, Nikki Harris, is played by Beck McKay. Beck is a well-known local dancer from the area.”

The performance will run from May 26 to June 3 at Stawell Entertainment Centre.