Ararat City Tennis report, February 9

A close encounter between the medical fraternity was the highlight match of Ararat City Tennis Wednesday night competition.

The doctor started slowly, and McDonald's was four down after two sets. 

There was a comeback until Pippa Bush, ably assisted by her offsider, won 8-3 to bring Bendigo Bank home safely. John Keynes played his first game for ChemMart, going down by two games to Signtek.

It was a quiet night for the AutoPro team, which had to wait until the final set to register a win.

For Blizzards, Neil gathered the team before play and had them raring to go.

FixIT proved too strong for the Medical Centre, which now has Hurst back in his rightful place, while AME won by 13 games.


McDonald's 31 lost Bendigo Bank 33. M. Connellan, R. Weppner 5 lost N. Bush, P. Matthews 7. R. Weppner, M. Allen 5 lost S. Jardine, P. Bush 7. M. Connellan, R. Weppner 7 d. N. Bush, S. Jardine 3. R. Weppner, M. Allen 4 lost P. Matthews, P. Bush 5. M. Connellan 3 lost N. Bush, P. Bush 8. R. Weppner, R. Weppner 7 d. S. Jardine, P. Matthews 3

Signtek 14 d. Ararat ChemMart 12. E. Bush, A. Kumnick 6 d. G. Bush, J. Keynes 4. E. Bush, P. Hartwich 3 lost G. Bush, M. Stevens 5. A. Kumnick, P. Hartwich 5 d. J. Keynes, M. Stevens 3.

Blizzards 33 d. AutoPro 18. B. Hartwich, P. Goudie 7 d. J. Hannett, W. Jerram 3. N. Blizzard, K. Hartwich 6 d. N. Kuchel, W. Gason 3. B. Hartwich,  N. Blizzard 7 d. J. Hannett, N. Kuchel 0. P. Goudie, K. Hartwich 6 d. W. Jerram, R. Gason 4. B. Hartwich,  K. Hartwich 4 d. J. Hannett, W. Gason 3. P. Goudie, N. Blizzard 3 lost W. Jerram, N. Kuchel 5.

Medical Centre 28 lost FixIT 34. G. Hurst, M. Verdon 5 lost J. Matthews, T. Guthrie 7. C. Hartwich,  B. Ahchow 6 d. A. Kalluri, G. Rameka 5. G. Hurst, C. Hartwich 6 d. J. Matthews, A. Kalluri 4. M. Verdon, B. Ahchow 4 lost T. Guthrie, G. Rameka 5. G. Hurst, B. Ahchow 3 lost J. Matthews, G. Rameka 7. M. Verdon, C. Hartwich 4 lost T. Guthrie, A. Kalluri 6.

AME 37 d. RSL 24. G. White, S. McGrath 5 d. R. McGregor, A. Drosg 3. K. Donnan, T. Hartwich 6 d. B. McInnes, N. Pitaro 3. G. White, K. Donnan 9 d. R. McGregor,  B. McInnes 4. S. McGrath,  T. Hartwich 7 d. A. Drosg, N. Pitaro 4. G. White, T. Hartwich 6 d. R. McGregor,  N. Pitaro 4. S. McGrath,  K. Donnan 4 lost A. Drosg, B. McInnes 6.