Ararat College sees an increase in average VCE study scores in 2017, most students able to access courses they want

Ararat College has seen an increase in average study scores in 2017 that showed considerable progress, according to acting principal Janine Adams.

“I was really happy with our results,” Ms Adams said.

“Most students will get into the courses they wanted.

“The most pleasing thing for us is that we have lifted out average study score by three points. That doesn’t sound like a lot but that average score is across everybody. To lift that by three points is really good.”

Ms Adam said the a lot of stunts got study scores in the high 30s out of 50.

“Teacher Sheryl Lugg’s art class had an average of 33, which was really good,” he said. 

Ararat College held its Graduation and Presentation night in Ararat’s Astor Theatre on Wednesday night.

Years 7-11 students got awards and the year 12 students received scholarships and the 2017 year 12 dux was named.

Georgia Jenkins and Katelin McDonald were named as school captains for 2018 during the ceremony.

This year Ararat College’s dux was Shakira Hurst, who also received an outstanding study score for her art subject.

“We combined acknowledging students efforts in academics, sporting, and citizenship during the presentation and we had a number of scholarships from organisations outside the school and where people have left  money in trust for scholarships,” Ms Adams said.

Academic awards were given for high marks across a number of subjects and high effort while citizenship awards recognise good works in the school community and beyond.

“We have an award called academic growth that is handed out for a number of subjects and that is for the students who have recorded the highest learning growth,” Ms Adams said.

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