AFL's Robert "Dipper" DiPierdomenico will be guest speaker at Elmhurst 2017 Movember blokes' night

ELMHURST Hotel will host a Dinner with Dipper Blokes’ Night and Charity Auction on November 24 to raise money for men’s health during Movember.

The $35 per head dinner tickets include a two-course meal and entertainment with AFL Hall of Fame member Robert "Dipper" DiPierdomenico.

There will also be auctions and raffles on the night.

Tickets can be purchased in person at the Elmhurst Hotel or by calling 5354 8205 prior to the event as tickets are selling fast.

Elmhurst Movember participant Grant Healey said he had been involvedfor 10 years in the annual charity event, which sees men forgo the razor and grow facial hair to raise money for men’s health.

“I’ve been involved in men’s health mainly through seeing blokes with depression,” he said.

“I had a close friend who pretty much should be dead as a result of testicular cancer.

“His father had had it and he knew all the symptoms – but blokes being blokes we choose to ignore things and think it will be right.”

Mr Healey said his friend found a lump and went to get it checked.

“He now holds the record for most tumors removed from a single lung, he’s had brain tumors and aneurysms but he’s back running marathons and working full-time and raising his kids.

“He’s done all that when he probably shouldn't be here any more.”

Mr Healey said Dipper would be the guest speaker for the Elmhurst Movember event.

“We’ll have about 140 blokes from all over the area coming out for the men’s night” Mr Healey said.

“The men’s night was instigated a couple of years ago just to get blokes off the farms and interacting with each other.

“It can be fairly isolated out here. Some blokes don’t see their family from month to month and they don’t interact with other men.”

Mr Healey said the blokes’ nights had a men’s health theme.

“We talk about depression and we have a guest speaker,” he said.

“This year we are lucky enough to have Dipper out.

“Tickets are selling fast and Christians have donated a bus to take people from Ararat. you can inquire about that if you need a ride out and a ride home.”

The ‘Elmhurst Blokes’ team is raising money online via