Pyrenees Shire places condition on application for Optus mobile phone tower in Beaufort

A controversial Optus telecommunications tower behind the Beaufort St John the Baptist Catholic Church has been given the green light by the Pyrenees Shire Council.

A series of conditions were placed on the delivery of the tower, including reducing its height by 10 metres and reducing onsite infrastructure.

Mayor Ron Eason said “a lot of work has been done to develop conditions around landscaping and health monitoring”.  

Objectors will be able to present to council later this week.

A group of residents gathered by the church last month to protest against the tower’s location and sign a petition to Pyrenees Shire.

One resident lives on the other side of the church’s car park and was concerned about possible health impacts.

The residents are also concerned that the tower’s electronic emissions would make it less likely that the old Beaufort Primary School building across the street will ever re-open.

They have pointed to Camp Hill as a more suitable location, as it overlooks most of Beaufort and the area around the proposed tower.