The Serve | Team trifecta tops the ladder

After another exciting round of tennis, Carey Covers, Bendigo Bank and Christians' Buses all sit on top with 32 points ahead of the final round on October 13.

Signtek won three sets to two and appeared safe after winning three of the first four sets until AME rallied. Genevieve Bush and Carl Barry took the last set 9-2 to even the games.

Carey Covers dropped a match when Embroidability won on sets. Frank Mitchell won the first set 8-3 with Rob Weppner, but Embroidability took the last two sets and a narrow win.  

FixIT went down by five games after Alex Drosg had a night out. The old forehand drive was working, while, for the opposition, Ben Hartwich warmed up to win two of his three sets.

Buoyed by the prospect of an AFL success for Adelaide, Garry Hurst played fine tennis for Bendigo Bank. Skimming serves and drives were a pleasure to watch - from the winning end.

For the Optometrists, Neil Blizzard moved around the court with his customary panache.

Bendigo Bank 35 d. Blizzards Optometrists 29. G. Hurst, R. Thomas 7 d. E. Bush, W. Jerram 5. C. and K. Hartwich 4 lost N. Blizzard, P. Bush 5. G. Hurst, C. Hartwich 6 drew E. Bush, N. Blizzard 6. R. Thomas, K. Hartwich 10 d. W. Jerram, P. Bush 1. G. Hurst, K. McGregor 4 lost E. Bush, P. Bush 6. R. Thomas, C. Hartwich 4 lost W. Jerram, N. Blizzard 6.

FixIT 23 lost Christians' Buses 28. B. Hartwich, P. Goudie 4 lost S. Allen, A. Drosg 8. B. McInnes, B. Hartwich 5 d. S. Allen, K. Donnan 3. P. Goudie, P. Hartwich 3 lost A. Drosg, Emma Abraham 5. B. Hartwich, P. Hartwich 9 d. S. Allen, E. Abraham 2. P. Goudie, B. McInnes 2 lost A. Drosg, K. Donnan 10.

Signtek 3 sets, 33 games d. AME 2 sets, 33 games. N. Bush, M. Verdon 5 lost A. Tucker, G. Bush 7. C. de Fegely, M. Allen 8 d. C. Barry, R. Webb 5. N. Bush, C. de Fegely 6 d. A. Tucker, C. Barry 4. M. Verdon, M. Allen 6 d. G. Bush, R. Webb 2. N. Bush, M. Allen 6 drew A. Tucker, R. Webb 6. M. Verdon, C de Fegely 2 lost G. Bush, C. Barry 9.

Carey Covers 2 sets, 31 games lost Embroidability 3 sets, 31 games. F. Mitchell, R. Weppner 8 d. J. Hannett, S. Payne 3. J. Nyikos, M. Stevens 5 drew P. Matthews, T. Hartwich 5. F. Mitchell, J. Nyikos 6 d. J. Hannett, P. Matthews 4. R. Weppner, M. Stevens 3 lost S. Payne, T. Hartwich 8. F. Mitchell, M. Stevens 4 lost J. Hannett, T. Hartwich 5. R. Weppner, J. Nyikos 5 lost S. Payne, P. Matthews 6.