Pomonal Primary School sends 18 students for mass choir at 2017 Victoria State Schools Spectacular

POMONAL Primary School has sent 18 students to be part of the mass choir at the Victoria State Schools Spectacular performance in Melbourne.

It’s the first time the students, from grade two through to grade six, have participated in the show.

The students arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday for their final round of rehearsals before they lend their voices to the massive show at Hisense Arena.

Pomonal Primary School teacher Claire Sherwell said the students were really excited to be this close to their performances.

“The mass choir involved prior two trips to Melbourne for rehearsals. We have got two full days of rehearsals now,” she said.

“It’s singing and dancing as well.

“The mass choir supports the principal vocalists. They’ll be singing ‘Freedom’, ‘You’re the Voice’, ‘Boom Boom Shake the Room’, a selection of songs.”

The students have been practicing at school for one or two hours a week since April.

Though the rehearsals will take up a lot of time, the group of students has been able to see some of the sights in Melbourne.

As one of the largest recurring productions in Australia, the Victorian State Schools Spectacular includes a 64 piece orchestra, 1300 voice choir, 1200 mass dancers, 30 lead vocalists, 16 principal dancers, 20 ensemble dancers, 8 backing vocalists, roller skaters and puppeteers and more.

The schools spectacular will perform two shows on September 16 and will be broadcast on TV in December.