Ararat City Tennis results

James Arney filled in for Carey Covers against Josh Matthews and the first two sets were drawn before Matthews and the young Stan Payne prevailed 7-2. The Medical Clinic won by ten games.

AutoPro brought in Peter Matthews who put up a fight against hard-hitting Garry Hurst. However Bendigo Bank won by seven games. Tania McKinnis proved impassable in long rallies.

ChemMart and Christians played the thriller with Christians getting home by a single game. Shaun Allen and Shannon McGrath got off to a quick start 8-4 followed by an 8-2 for Shaun Allen and Kelvin Donnan. Finally ChemMart stirred to take a 10-2 but McGrath and Donnan won the last set 6-5.

AME beat Blizzards with Carl Barry winning two big sets and Michael Hope getting back into form. The ladder is tight with the Medical Clinic, AutoPro, Carey Covers and Christians on 12 points with bottom teams one game behind on eight points.

AME 39 d. Blizzards Optometrists 26. M. Hope, G. Bush 6 d. E. Bush, W. Jerram 4. C. Barry, P. Hartwich 10 d. A. Kalluri, P. Bush 3. M. Hope, C. Barry 9 d. E. Bush, A. Kalluri 5. G. Bush, P. Hartwich 3 lost W. Jerram, P. Bush 9. M. Hope, P. Hartwich 8 d. E. Bush, P. Bush 1. G. Bush, C. Barry 3 lost W. Jerram, A. Kalluri 4.

ChemMart 36 lost Christians' Buses 37. B. Hartwich, R. Weppner 4 lost S. Allen, S. McGrath 8. N. Kuchel, R. Weppner 6 lost K. Donnan, D. Ahchow 8. B. Hartwich, N. Kuchel 2 lost S. Allen, K. Donnan 8. R. Weppner, R. Weppner 9 d. S. McGrath,  D. Ahchow 5. B. Hartwich,  R. Weppner 10 d. S. Allen, D. Ahchow 2. R. Weppner, N. Kuchel 5 lost S. McGrath,  K. Donnan 6.

AutoPro 32 lost Bendigo Bank 39. P. Matthews, A. Drosg 4 lost G. Hurst, R. Thomas 10. B. McInnes, T. McKinnis 6 d. C. Hartwich, K. Hartwich 4. P. Matthews, B. McInnes 6 lost G. Hurst, C. Hartwich 8. A. Drosg, T. McKinnis 7 d. R. Thomas, K. Hartwich 5. P. Matthews, T. McKinnis 6 drew G. Hurst, K. Hartwich 6. A. Drosg, B. McInnes 3 lost R. Thomas,  C. Hartwich 6.

Medical Clinic 39 d. Carey Covers 29. J. Matthews,  T. Guthrie 6 drew R. McGregor,  J. Arney 6. S. Jardine, S. Payne 7 d. C. Newson, M. Stevens 6. J. Matthews, S. Jardine 7 drew J. Arney,  C. Newson 7. T. Guthrie, S. Payne 8 d. R. McGregor, M. Stevens 4. J. Matthews,  S. Payne 7 d. J. Arney, M. Stevens 2. T. Guthrie, S. Jardine 3 lost R. McGregor,  C. Newson 4.