Purple patch for motocross rider

ARARAT - Nic Spry-Gellert's need for speed has translated into success on the motocross circuit.

The 15-year-old has hit a purple patch of late, racing third overall at the Western Region championships in the 250 class C grade section.

The third placing saw Nic move up in B grade and he then competed a week later at Ararat in the Northern versus Western championships.

Both championship events showcase the best of the best in motocross sport and in his first B grade junior 250 class race at Ararat, Spry-Gellert achieved yet another third overall placing.

Mother Kerry is incredibly proud of her son's achievements.

"He's put in all the hard yards and is finally starting to get somewhere. He should be recognised for doing that good. It's a big achievement for us," Kerry said.

Nic discovered an interest in the sport as a five year old when his brother Alan started riding, before participating in races at seven years of age (seven is the minimum age for motocross racing).

Nic was pleasantly surprised with his B grade third placing, saying it was his biggest achievement.

"It was against new people - I hadn't really seen them ride. Because it was B grade, I didn't know how good everyone was and what they were good at and what they were bad at," he said.

Although the season for Nic has ended for now, he is still participating in the Ararat Motorcycle Club 'Fun Days' at the Ararat track and when he turns 16, he will move up into the 'senior' category.

Nic joins around 20 riders from the Ararat/Stawell/Beaufort area who love the sport, with five local riders being placed at the Northern versus Western championships which Kerry said was a big achievement for the club.

Kerry plays an important role in the club, alongside David Start from Ararat Race Tech.

"I fix what I can on the bikes. David does the major works, I do the simple," she said.

Motocross is not just a male sport, with girls also involved in competitive racing.

"A lot of young ones, about 10 or 12, girls from the Western District race. It's a beautiful sport. You get to know people, meet up at each event and have a chinwag," Kerry said.

"We camp out together at events. It's a good, sociable family sport. For him to do what he's done, for us, is absolutely brilliant."

Although Kerry is supportive of her son's choice of sport she, likes all mums, worries about her son when he's competing on the track.

"I do worry. It really, really scares me. Every time he's on the starting line, I say 'have fun, be safe and just be careful'," Kerry said.

"I don't care if he's last as long as he's still up on that bike and crosses that finish line."

Motocross racing is, like most professional sports, very expensive as you need funds for entry fees, tyres, maintenance and graphics on the bike.

Nic had a sponsor, Homeless Industries, however they are no longer onboard so he is on the lookout for businesses to support him as he looks to compete in the Junior Australian Titles in Horsham next year.

Motocross racer Nic Spry-Gellert has been making a name for himself on the circuit. Picture: KERRI KINGSTON.

Motocross racer Nic Spry-Gellert has been making a name for himself on the circuit. Picture: KERRI KINGSTON.