Race over before it was run - No Ararat Council election in 2012

The race is over before it was even run!

There will be no council election this time round due to the withdrawal of a candidate, leaving seven candidates for the seven positions.

It is unfortunate that a candidate had to withdraw, but they are entitled to do this.

What is more unfortunate is that there weren't many candidates to start with.

With a current sitting council that has come under heavy criticism over the past few years from many sectors of the community, you would think that people would have been falling over themselves to win a place on council in an attempt to shake things up.

But as is usually the case, when it comes to the crunch, people aren't prepared to put their money where their mouths are.

Being a councillor is an extremely difficult job, much more difficult than the community realises.

It's not just about cutting ribbons, enjoying afternoon teas and chatting to ratepayers.

There is difficult and complicated legislation to get your head around, not to mention understanding the many Council policies that are in place.

It's not just about turning up at a council meeting once a month and getting up and having your say, attending this meeting involves many hours of research and preparation.

As one retiring councillor estimated, a councillor must dedicate around 20 hours each week to being on council.

This is on top of employment, family and community commitments.

It's a tough job.

Congratulations to the current councillors willing to give it another go and for the 'newbies' who have put up their hand for four years of serving the community in which they live.




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