Ararat 800 Primary School brings you the circus

IF you saw Under the Big Top in Ararat in 2011, or took part in it, then here's your chance to see the show whence sprang that production.

Send in the Clowns was the original show and, of course, was also written by Ararat playwrights John Mawson and Rob Smith, with music and songs specially written by David Nicholson and Rob Smith.

There will be two public performances of Send in the Clowns and it will be staged at the Ararat Performing Arts Centre this Thursday, August 28 and Friday August 29, with a start time of 7.30pm.

This production stars no less than 78 senior school students from Ararat 800 and it is being directed by Darren Beer, with choreography by Jess Smart, Matilda Cranstoun, Daina Jerram, Freya Hart and Grace Calvird.

Costumes have been designed and assembled by Tammie Meehan and Kim Barrett, with sound and lighting by Travis Hewish and Tammie Meehan.

The makeup and props are being handled by Leah Sharp and front of house will be handled by the school staff.

This once-magnificent circus has taken a downturn, with performers walking out en masse and the Ring Master forced to rely on the mob, else risk closing completely.

The mob has a dastardly plan, however, which involves springing their mastermind Harry the Scar from prison.

This is a very colourful show and it gives the Ararat 800 students the chance to show off their performing skills, with jugglers, tumblers, Diablo, devil sticks, poi, a unicyclist, a person on stilts and even a bearded lady, complete with tattoos.

It would be unfair to single out impressive players, but mention should be made of one young lady who plays a clown.

She is right inside her character and her manic behavior is something many of the cast could take on board.

There is so much fun, with constant play on words and so many puns you will definitely get into the habit of going 'Boom, boom.' Be ready, also, for some cheeky scenes, which kids of all ages seem to love.

You can purchase your tickets online; go to and follow the links to Ararat Primary School. Adults $15 and children $5.


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