Malthouse, Ling in verbal stoush

UPDATE: Carlton coach Mick Malthouse was so incensed by the lack of his customary replay footage while coaching at the SCG on Saturday night that he vented his anger at half-time in a verbal stoush with Channel Seven's Cameron Ling.

The SCG, unlike other grounds, takes the host broadcaster's feed - and not the ground feed - on its big screen during the game. It also only provides the Seven feed on the two monitors in the coach's box, meaning Malthouse became infuriated when he was regularly shown coaching in his typically passionate style rather than watching an actual replay of what had just unfolded on the ground.

As he made his way to the Blues' dressingroom, a fuming Malthouse approached Ling, the boundary commentator, and made it clear he was dismayed why he was regularly shown on the big replay screen.

While Malthouse is said to have told Ling his criticism was not directed personally at the three-time Geelong premiership star, it's understood Ling did not take kindly to being blamed for the footage and made it clear he could not control what was shown. It's believed he also told Malthouse he did not appreciate being spoken to in such a gruff manner.

One witness said Ling "gave as good as he got".

The Blues maintain Malthouse holds Ling in the highest regard and was frustrated that the coach's box had become a "side show" to the game.

Heading into Monday night's meeting of senior coaches at the home of AFL chief Gillon McLachlan, Malthouse said the spat had been misinterpreted and that he had a good relationship with Ling.

"He misinterpreted that I was talking to him," he said.

"I admire him. I reckon he is a fantastic bloke. I think that if you would speak to him, he would see it that way as well."

Malthouse attempted to hide himself from the cameras by putting up a sheet of paper on the glass of the coach's box after half-time.

It's also believed Malthouse attempted to order Ling out of the dressingroom when the former Geelong premiership skipper was preparing to do his half-time cross. The half-time update went ahead.

It's understood Seven and the Blues attempted to broker peace on Monday, with the host broadcaster confirming it would show footage of the incident on its Monday night review show, Talking Footy. Sources at Seven said Ling was not keen to take the matter any further.

Ling, who Malthouse had wanted as an assistant coach last season, did not return calls.

Speaking on Talking Footy, North Melbourne great Wayne Carey said it had been a "massive over-reaction" by Malthouse.

The Blues trailed by only seven points at half-time before a 12-goal-to-two second half by the Swans gave Malthouse plenty to worry about.

While coaches understand they play an important role in terms of the entertainment factor, there is still an unease among some when it comes to regular cutaways to them during matches.

However, this footage has provided some memorable moments. In recent times, Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson was caught smashing the wall inside the MCG coach's box, while an emotional Malthouse was in tears after the Magpies' won the 2011 preliminary final.

Essendon great and former St Kilda coach Tim Watson, now a leading Seven commentator, said coaches had to adjust to broadcast requirements.

"My view is, if you are a coach, you are part of a business which is the entertainment business. That is what we do. We televise the games week in, week out. There are some coaches who are getting very clever at putting their hand over their mouth and disguising what it is they are saying," he said.

"I think they have to live with this as part of the broadcast of a game of football."

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