Tatyoon remains in touch with top five

Frances Butler (left) tries to stop the long reach of Amanda Clarke.
Frances Butler (left) tries to stop the long reach of Amanda Clarke.

MDFL - Tatyoon has remained in touch with the Mininera and District Netball Association top five following a hard fought win over Wickliffe/Lake Bolac in trying conditions last Saturday.

The match was a tough tussle up to halftime, where there was only two goals in it, falling the Hawks' way.

Tatyoon kept the Magpies goalless in the third quarter and went into the final stanza with a 15-goal lead.

The Magpies brought Amanda Clarke onto the court in the fourth term, where an immediate impact was felt, but it was all too little too late, as the Hawks went on to win the match quite convincingly 39 to 27.

Tatyoon's Mary Butler and Terri-Anne Lewis were named best for the home team, while Brooke and Amanda Clarke stood out for Wickliffe/Lake Bolac.

Moyston/Willaura has continued its good form following the break and proved too strong for Caramut.

The Pumas were focused right from the beginning, getting the jump on the Swans early in the match.

Moyston/Willaura extended its lead at each quarter break, eventually winning the match 50 to 19.

Quick refl exes from Blaire Spalding saves the ball for Tatyoon in B grade. Pictures: PETER PICKERING

Quick refl exes from Blaire Spalding saves the ball for Tatyoon in B grade. Pictures: PETER PICKERING

The Pumas welcomed Katy Jewell back after time on the sidelines with injury, and the goal defender was rewarded being named one of the best alongside the consistent Kira Stapleton.

Stapleton resumed her season back in the attacking circle, scoring 21 goals.

Caramut's Michelle Lehmann played a spirited game, while her teammate Hannah Delaney also worked hard.

The third placed Woorndoo/Mortlake took the trip to Alexandra Oval to face the Ararat Eagles in miserable weather.

Conditions made for a mixed game, with patches of good and messy play.

Ararat got away to a credible first quarter, trailing the higher ranked Tigers by one goal at the break.

Woorndoo/Mortlake came out in the second and took charge of the match, putting 13 goals on the board to the Eagles' four.

The Eagles steadied again in the third quarter but could not peg back the Tigers' lead, eventually going down 26 to 41.

A great game from Tigers' Nicole Muir and Kate Reynolds had their opposition covered at both ends of the court, but Ararat was not without its hard workers in youngsters Erin Hinchliffe and Jamie-Lee Bennett.

Hawkesdale/Macarthur played well to overpower SM&W Rovers by 13 goals.

In what was another close first quarter, the Southern Eagles held a mere one goal lead against the determined Bulldogs.

Hawkesdale/Macarthur then put on a spurt of goals in the second term and continued its momentum until the final whistle.

Lake Bolacs JJ Pullinger on right tries to block Briony Robertson

Lake Bolacs JJ Pullinger on right tries to block Briony Robertson

Rachael McGrath was in good form for the Southern Eagles in the goals, ably helped by centre player Grace Linke. Rovers' had standout players in Liz Williams and Peta Byrne.

Great Western tried hard all day to stop Lismore/Derrinallum's unbeaten record, but could not run the whole game out at the same pace as it started.

The Lions were extremely competitive up until halftime where they only trailed by three goals.

The second half of the match was a different story though, with the Demons breaking away to win by 19 goals.

Lee-Ann Moana and Missy Brown were best players for Great Western, while Stephanie and Chelsea Burns were named best on court for the victors.

In the final match of the round Penshurst came home with a wet sail to defeat Glenthompson/Dunkeld in a tense match.

The final score saw the Bombers with 36 goals defeat the Rams on 33.


A grade

Great Western 28 (L Moana M Brown) lost to Lismore Derrinallum 49 (S Burns C Burns); Tatyoon 39 (M Butler T Lewis) def Wickliffe Lake Bolac 27 (B Clark A Clark); SMW Rovers 28 (L Williams P Byrne) lost to Hawkesdale Macarthur 41 (R Mcgrath G Linke); Ararat 26 (E Hinchcliffe J Bennett) lost to Woorndoo-Mortlake 41 (N Muir K Reynolds); Caramut 19 (M Lehmann H Delaney) lost to Moyston Willaura 50 (K Stapleton K Jewell).

Ladder: Lismore Derrinallum 28 (pts), 177.62 (%); Moyston Willaura 24, 177.65; Woorndoo-Mortlake 22, 130.77; Glenthompson-Dunkeld 20, 160.20; Penshurst 20, 119.68; Tatyoon 20, 102.74; Hawkesdale Macarthur 10, 82.29; Ararat 8, 85.71; Wickliffe Lake Bolac 8, 70.57; Caramut 4, 70.77; SMW Rovers 4, 65.30; Great Western 0, 51.98.

B grade

Great Western 36 (T Cadzow C Virgona) def Lismore Derrinallum 26 (E Murray S Jolly); Tatyoon 31 (B Robertson B Harris) def Wickliffe Lake Bolac 29 (A Clark I Currenti); SMW Rovers 24 (S McKay C Scott) lost to Hawkesdale Macarthur 40 (L Addinsall K Habel); Ararat 15 (J Leggett C Croton) lost to Woorndoo-Mortlake 31 (K Mifsud E Walsh); Caramut 17 (N Walker C Stonehouse) lost to Moyston Willaura 35 (A Brewis G Cocking).

Ladder: Woorndoo-Mortlake 24 (pts), 170.20 (%); Glenthompson-Dunkeld 24, 144.37; Moyston Willaura 20, 129.94; Lismore Derrinallum 20, 125.00; SMW Rovers 20, 114.37; Great Western 16, 114.88; Tatyoon 16, 91.43; Hawkesdale Macarthur 12, 104.41; Ararat 12, 95.65; Penshurst 4, 85.91; Caramut 0, 52.78; Wickliffe Lake Bolac 0, 40.98.

C grade

Great Western 20 (L Toomey H Matthews) lost to Lismore Derrinallum 43 (S Henderson J Gardiner); Tatyoon 39 (C Joyce H Astbury) def Wickliffe Lake Bolac 12 (K Keilar L Thom); SMW Rovers 13 (T Burrell A Mcleod) lost to Hawkesdale Macarthur 28 (M O'Connell A Stafford); Ararat 12 (S Leggett L Harvey) lost to Woorndoo-Mortlake 24 (R Kleeven K Casson); Caramut 29 (B Barr K Hannabury) def Moyston Willaura 22 (S Wells J Baird).

Ladder: Woorndoo-Mortlake 28 (pts), 213.68 (%); Glenthompson-Dunkeld 24, 135.77; Lismore Derrinallum 20, 156.72; Caramut 20, 128.37; Tatyoon 16, 139.57; Ararat 16, 131.45; Hawkesdale Macarthur 12, 101.37; Penshurst 12, 90.67; Moyston Willaura 10, 82.32; Wickliffe Lake Bolac 6, 50.00; Great Western 4, 45.81; SMW Rovers 0, 45.05.

17 and under

Great Western 15 (K Blake O Gration) def Lismore Derrinallum 14 (S Hallyburton J Cheslett); Tatyoon 35 (M Astbury C Pitts) def Wickliffe Lake Bolac 24 (G Higgins K Jackson); SMW Rovers 14 (A Dunn CN McCrow) lost to Hawkesdale Macarthur 24 (C Pye L Drendel); Caramut 10 (L Cummins D Tickner) lost to Moyston Willaura 32 (J Slocombe J Orszaczki).

Ladder: Tatyoon 28 (pts), 302.13 (%); Glenthompson-Dunkeld 22, 185.71; Penshurst 20, 177.32; Woorndoo-Mortlake 20, 143.79; Wickliffe Lake Bolac 18, 132.91; Hawkesdale Macarthur 16, 110.37; SMW Rovers 16, 100.60; Great Western 16, 68.24; Moyston Willaura 8, 70.86; Caramut 4, 16.73; Lismore Derrinallum 0, 32.72.

15 and under

Tatyoon 33 (F McLaren A Astbury) def Wickliffe Lake Bolac 15 (N Tuhakaraina K Millear); Ararat 3 (G Harrison E Richards) lost to Woorndoo-Mortlake 17 (S McGuigan B Humphrey); Penshurst 32 (O Waters B Mirtschin) def Glenthompson-Dunkeld 13 (L Ross A McDonald).

Ladder: Woorndoo-Mortlake 28 (pts), 313.73 (%); Moyston Willaura 24, 213.11; Penshurst 24, 112.35; Tatyoon 20, 216.07; Hawkesdale Macarthur 12, 98.80; Glenthompson-Dunkeld 12, 82.11; Great Western 8, 67.62; Ararat 8, 49.26; Wickliffe Lake Bolac 8, 29.89; Lismore Derrinallum 4, 50.00.

13 and under

Great Western 12 lost to Lismore Derrinallum 22 (K Spillman H Thompson); Tatyoon 14 (L Carter G Astbury) lost to Wickliffe Lake Bolac 26 (L Millear M Doery); SMW Rovers 6 (C Porter B McKay-Haines) lost to Hawkesdale Macarthur 20 (T Fitzgerald C Adams); Ararat 9 (C Tate A Felini) def Woorndoo-Mortlake 5 (C Gartland A Lenehan); Caramut 4 lost to Moyston Willaura 19.

Ladder: Hawkesdale Macarthur 28 (pts), 314.81 (%); Tatyoon 24, 280.00; Wickliffe Lake Bolac 18, 139.13; SMW Rovers 16, 140.26; Penshurst 16, 95.51; Ararat 16, 85.57; Lismore Derrinallum 16, 82.98; Great Western 14, 142.86; Glenthompson-Dunkeld 14, 88.31; Moyston Willaura 4, 41.13; Woorndoo-Mortlake 2, 55.00; Caramut 0, 8.70.


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