Geelong runner fined over Carlton incident

The Geelong runner at the centre of the decision that almost certainly cost Carlton victory over the Cats last week has been fined by the AFL.

Nigel Lappin has been slapped with a suspended $2000 fine for becoming involved in a contest in the game’s dying minutes.

During a stoppage on the edge of Carlton's goal square with 13 seconds remaining and the Blues trailing by five points, Lappin made front-on contact with Mitch Robinson, prompting the Blue to angrily push him away.

The Cats won by five points.

A free kick was not paid on the night, and umpires boss Wayne Campbell said after the incident that the right call was made on the night.

Campbell said the umpires felt the clash had not impacted on the course of play as it had already stopped, so no free kick was required.

But Carlton coach Mick Malthouse didn’t hold back his disappointment with what he said was a failure by umpires to award his side a free kick.

''Our player can't get to the football,'' Malthouse said. "It should have been a free kick.''

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