Chris knows what it takes to get fit and healthy

Personal trainer Chris Provis-Vincent
Personal trainer Chris Provis-Vincent

ARARAT - Having struggled with weight issues himself, personal trainer Chris Provis-Vincent knows exactly what it takes to face the challenge of getting fit and healthy and what it will take participants in the Ararat Active8 program to achieve their goals.

Chris qualified as a personal trainer four years ago, but has only been operating his business CPV Fitness for the past seven months.

Prior to entering the fitness industry Chris worked several different factory jobs around Victoria, most recently before embarking on a career in fitness he worked at AME Systems.

Changing people's lives is the most enjoyable part of his new career.

"Through my own struggles with being overweight I understand the barriers that form around overweight/obese people and how they really stop you from living life," he said.

Four years ago he weighed 210kg, was ashamed of himself, stopped playing sport and going out in public very little because of his overwhelming anxiety and depression.

"I am now 60 kilograms lighter than I was back then, the weight has spiralled up and down but has been steadily going down since The Biggest Loser came to town," he said.

"I love removing these barriers from people who are in the situation I was and seeing them blossom into a happier, fitter, healthier and more active version of their former selves. This really is my dream occupation as it strikes such a personal note with me."

Chris joined the Ararat Active8 challenge because he believes he can really change the life of the participant he will work with, through calling on his own personal experiences with anxiety, depression and obesity.

"I would also love to change the life of someone who normally, for reasons out of their control, wouldn't have the opportunity to receive the benefits of the program. I think this project will seriously benefit the lives of some very lucky people and I want to be a part of it."

When it comes to helping his Active8 participants, Chris said there is only one solution - Work hard and eat well.

Chris will formulate a personalised exercise program that will get the participant to where they want to be in the quickest and healthiest way possible.

"With the nutrition it's all about education and being able to cook," he said.

"I will cover these bases through teaching the participant how to cook some great wholesome food. I have a good base of knowledge about this topic through some extra qualifications I have in nutrition and the support base of some of the colleagues I have, consisting of dieticians, nutritionists, doctors and other health professionals."


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