Benefits of TV program will continue

The Ararat Advertiser will begin profiling the eight personal trainers who will work with the eight participants chosen for Ararat Active8:

Lee-Ann Moana supervises Taine Pearse during a suspension training session.

Lee-Ann Moana supervises Taine Pearse during a suspension training session.

ARARAT - Taking part in an initiative which continues the momentum of having The Biggest Loser in town was the main catalyst for personal trainer Lee-Ann Moana signing up as one of eight trainers who will be teamed with a participant in Ararat Active8.

Lee-Ann Moana opened her personal training business Crave Mobile Personal Training after qualifying in October last year.

Having also been involved in the family shearing business she wanted to branch out into another field.

"I wanted something different, I had always been involved in sports and with the community. I went to teachers' college when I left school and wasn't able to finish it, and I though this was a good way of moving into that sort of area with sports as well, just a combination of all of it," she said.

Working as a personal trainer is a decision she hasn't regretted and is enjoying every moment.

"It's nice to get up in the morning and do a job you really, really enjoy, you don't get that very often," she said.

As a mobile personal trainer she offers classes in Great Western twice a week and at home in her studio she offers group classes in boxing and suspension training, which is her favourite class at present and is suitable for all ages and fitness abilities.

"They are fantastic for your core and for everything,"she said.

"Mum and I do exactly the same thing right next to one another. In the same class you'll have 17 and 18 year olds and my mum, who's in her sixties, so you can all be doing exactly the same thing, it covers all ages and strengths and abilities."

Lee-Ann is also qualified in kettle bells, power bags and battle ropes.

After seeing the positive benefit The Biggest Loser had on Ararat's health and fitness, she was happy to sign up as an Active8 trainer.

"I followed along with The Biggest Loser when it was in town. That was a fantastic thing for the community, because as soon as it started the pavements were full of people walking," she said.

"I was in Craig's support team so that was good and I followed along and did some of the community challenges.

"You don't want it to be a one-off wonder, it was so good seeing everyone getting behind it so to carry it on any way you can (is important)."

The participant Lee-Ann will be paired with will take part in two training sessions a week with her.

"I will be making the most of what the mentor learnt in the (Biggest Loser) house, nutrition wise and organise to do whatever the contestant wants and needs," she said.

"Hopefully they are ready to get going and get stuck in as much as they can and I'll do as much as my participant wants to do."