Toni Stockwell a crowd favourite

Toni Stockwell finished runner-up in series nine of The Biggest Loser.

Toni Stockwell finished runner-up in series nine of The Biggest Loser.

ARARAT - Toni Stockwell was a viewer favourite on The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia and the series nine runner-up said she will always look back on her time on the program with fond memories.

Toni was well and truly in the running to take home the $75,000 on offer when last Sunday's finale went to air on Network Ten, having been declared the winner in an alternative ending filmed in October.

Toni wasn't disappointed to see Craig Booby take the title, and said she still feels like a winner having lost 47.7kgs during her time on The Biggest Loser.

"I was determined to do the best I possibly could, but I'm not a competitive person, so I think comparing yourself to other people is a dumb thing," she said.

"Everyone is different.

"They came back and showed us a cut of the finale but we didn't see the end, so I found out (who won) when every else did.

"It was very interesting watching with people who hadn't seen the transformations and obviously they were trying to work out who had won."

Toni said she was extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to share The Biggest Loser experience with her best friend and husband Kerry 'Stocky' Stockwell, however the couple were hesitant to get involved initially.

"I didn't actually apply for the show, they were looking for Stocky to go on I guess someone entered his name so they came to the house to interview him and that's where they met me," she said.

"I suppose Stocky didn't really want to do it and I said to take the opportunity if they offer it and then of course when they said for me too, Stocky said well what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

"A lot of people would say that having Stocky in the house was a benefit, but I'd actually say living with someone who has experienced the same thing is much more beneficial now.

"To have someone who has had to push themselves and stick to a strict diet like I did, it just means that I don't have to explain things to him like others might have to with their partners after they got home."

While Toni may not have been the fittest contestant or the most coordinated as was pointed out along the way, what she lacked in competiveness she made up for with heart and a positive attitude, which won over viewers.

The Marian College teacher said taking part in the challenges was a particular highlight during the three months of filming.

"Whenever they took us to places you wouldn't normally get the opportunity to go everyone would be excited," Toni said.

"Places like at Olympic Stadium, Cockatoo Island or jumping out of a plane. In the back of your head you were always thinking I am past doing something like that because I am too big.

"I mean who would think they would set aside the steps of the Sydney Opera House just for us!"

Toni was one of the few 'Ararat Champions' who got to experience working closely with all three trainers Shannan Ponton, Michelle Bridges and The Commando.

She said The Commando was the one who got the best out of her, with her body responding well to his training and diet.

"I think personally for me it was a great experience because there was no possibly way I would have lost that amount of weight and persevered with it in that short amount of time," Toni said.

"During the time we were away we weren't aware of what was happening back home, so when we came back to hear what the town had done, I think the community here in Ararat deserves more congratulations than I do.

"Especially because it was all during winter and they were out walking, they did the hard yards and still had to cope with every day life.

"There were lots of transformations at home here that went unrecognised...the motivation of the community was phenomenal."


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