Kev now an honorary ‘Rat’

Kevin Big Kev Moore returned for a second series of The Biggest Loser.

Kevin Big Kev Moore returned for a second series of The Biggest Loser.

ARARAT - Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia ring-in Kevin 'Big Kev' Moore now considers himself an honorary member of Ararat following his latest foray on the weight loss program.

Kevin was an original contestant on series eight of The Biggest Loser and when he set foot on the scales for the first time he weighed in at 254.7kg - the heaviest person to ever appear on the program world-wide.

Such was the enormity of the task to turn the 27-year-old's life around that the show's trainers decided early in this series to bring Kevin back into the house.

Following his elimination, which aired Tuesday night, Kevin told The Ararat Advertiser of his shock offer to return to The Biggest Loser for a second time.

"It was an interesting conversation, I was surprised to be approached to go on The Biggest Loser again," he said.

"It is usually that you're given one opportunity to change your life, so to not only get another chance to lose weight but to share the experience with the other contestants is something I jumped at.

"I did have worries about going into the house, coming from outside of Ararat. I was concerned about how I was going to be received, but everyone after the initial shock was very welcoming, so I was quite relieved."

Kevin returned in week two and was gifted a spot on Shannan Ponton's Blue Team after it won the 'Stairway to Heaven' challenge.

He said the dynamics of house in this series were completely different to last year, with all the Ararat contestants like one big family.

"It was a little different experience from the first series where everyone was gunning for the win and the goal from day dot was exactly that," he said.

"But this time around they were like a big family and no one wanted to vote each other out, so it wasn't as competitive as last time.

"Training was also a different atmosphere. Shannon didn't make me forget that I was there to change my life, so that's what kept pushing me. He is just a stand up bloke!"

Kevin said he was proud of his achievements in this series and continually found himself getting stronger and fitter.

Never one to let his weight get in the way the customer service worker tackled everything that was thrown at him head on and he set a good example for some of the other contestants in the house.

"I was able to put in a lot more in the challenges this time around because of the weight I've lost," Kevin said.

"I definitely felt like I pushed myself further this time.

"I bonded with everyone but the two people I most connected with were probably the two heaviest contestants in Mary (Reid) and Boobs (Craig Booby).

"I guess because we were in a similar predicament, we were all very large people. The second time around I started at about their weight, but having said that I definitely got along with everyone really well."

Kevin was the second contestant booted from the show as a result of coming last in the 'Super Challenge', following on from the exit of Caitlin Munday last week.

Despite narrowly missing out on making it through to the end, Kevin is already a winner having lost a massive amount of weight since he first weighed-in at the beginning of season eight.

"Going out on the back of losing a challenge was bitter sweet," he said.

"I have my fiance at home and have been away for a long time now both this series and last, so it was good to get back and see her, but to not make the finale was disappointing.

"Knowing we only have a few weeks remaining the focus going home is to re-adjust quickly. I have just got to keep pushing towards my goal - I feel I am on track to achieve that."

Jane Jantzen was also eliminated from The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia earlier this week. See Tuesday's edition of The Ararat Advertiser where Jane will share her experiences on the program.


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