Cal one of the strongest contestants

Cal Evans.

Cal Evans.

ARARAT - Cal Evans polarised the contestants and viewers alike during his time on The Biggest Loser - you either loved him or loathed him.

Whatever side of the fence you sat on there was no denying the 34-year-old father played the game hard and proved to be one of the strongest contestants chosen to represent Ararat in the house.

Cal was so fit that he was often seen as a threat to the other participants on the show and was often chosen by the Blue Team to sit out challenges when they were given the option.

"I loved doing the challenges, but I was ruled out of a few because I guess the other team thought I was a threat," Cal told The Ararat Advertiser shortly after being eliminated.

"The stronger fitter ones get penalised and I went there for the experience and it was frustrating being sat out all the time, so I lost the plot like that a bit.

"I hated certain parts, I mean I like the physical stuff, but I didn't like the segregation of being locked up with no contact from the outside world."

Cal returned home $30,000 richer after deciding to 'steal the money' from the Town Kitty when he won a temptation challenge early in series, which left him unpopular with some of his fellow 'Ararat Champions' and a target on his back.

He was moved on from the strong Black Team to the depleted Blue Team by Caitlin Munday, which meant he got the rare opportunity to train with both the Commando (Steve Willis) and Shannan Ponton.

"I was with the Commando for about seven weeks and I absolutely loved his training," Cal said.

"When I spent time with Shannan, a lot of his sessions were based in the gym and you are looking at the same four walls all the time, but with Commando you'd show up never knowing what you'd actually be doing.

"I like his training more because your mind was really focused on the task and you wouldn't notice you were working out till right at the end when you stop and the pain would hit.

"In the group training you would only get pushed as much as the weakest person, but in the individual sessions with Commando by the end I was doing twice as many runs throughs as everyone else.

"I really liked that I was getting pushed. A rocket up my a**e was just what I needed to start this off."

Cal said other fitness highlights for him included completing 42km a day on the cross trainer machine and being able to run on the treadmill at 20km/hr for one minute.

This week he got the opportunity to re-enter the house, competing against the other eliminated contestants from Michelle Bridges' secret Red Team.

Cal said training with the New South Wales Police response squad in the Red Team challenge was also one of his favourite moments on The Biggest Loser.

"The day we trained with the tactic response unit was one of the real highlights for me, because I have always been really interested in getting involved in the army but my weight has always held me back," he said.

"The training we did with them was pretty full on but at the end of what you'd done you could really start to see that you were achieving something."

It was game over for Cal on Tuesday night as the contestants weighed in for the first time as individuals and it was revealed he'd gained 1.3kg.

Cal described his elimination as a 'bit strange'.

"I knew as soon as I was up for elimination there'd be a chance I'd be going home but even though I was put on the Blue Team I still felt like the Black Team had my back," he said.

"After it I just sat there thinking what's happened? I've gone out in straight sets.

"Now that I am home I am just trying to be a better father because I got big basically because I was living a wild lifestyle.

"I'd go out and party with the boys and now I am just concentrating on being a better family man.

"I have really dived back into my sport and when I got home from the house I returned to the footy club (Longwood in the Kyabram District Football League) for the last few games and even won the MVP award."

Cal said he would continue to work towards his goals ahead of the finale.

"When I went in I had an aim of being 99.9kg, so I could be in the double figures again, but if I get to 98.7 that will mean I have lost 25 percent of my body weight which would be a great achievement," he said.

Current weight loss

Craig - 30.6kg

Kerry - 29.5kg

Toni - 21.4kg

Sharon - 19.4kg

Katrina - 18.4kg

Jane - 17.7kg

Kevin - 12kg

Cal - 20.4kg (eliminated)


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