Biggest Loser helps Caitlin kicks past bullying to the kerb

Caitlin Munday was of the biggest losers, having dropped 20.7kgs.

Caitlin Munday was of the biggest losers, having dropped 20.7kgs.

ARARAT - Despite being the youngest contestant in this year's Biggest Loser, Caitlin Munday more than pulled her weight during her time in the house.

Caitlin is the latest contestant to be eliminated from the show, but returns to Ararat more than 20kgs lighter than when she first entered the house.

The 17-year-old has always battled weight issues which led to her being bullied at school and said she even tried to enter onto the weight loss program before this season to try and change her life.

"I actually wanted to apply for the previous season when it was families, but mum couldn't get the time off work," Caitlin said.

"So when I saw they were bringing the show to Ararat I thought, why not? It was a hard thing to do though, I had to face a lot of my demons to do it.

"I knew I was about (my starting weight) although I pretended I wasn't."

Caitlin entered the house weighing 134.4kgs but quickly went to work, dropping big numbers in several of the weigh-ins including 9.5kg in week one and 3.6kg in week three which saw her named the biggest loser of that week.

"Being the biggest loser of all the contestants in one of the weeks was a highlight of mine for sure," Caitlin said.

"Overall it was definitely such a worthwhile experience. It has changed my life in so many ways."

Since leaving the house Caitlin said she was only looking back on her time in Sydney with fondness, however there were several low moments for the nursing student during her time on The Biggest Loser also.

Day one saw Caitlin team with Matt Dalton for the Sydney Opera House steps challenge, with the pair finishing in the bottom two and facing elimination before even entering the house.

While they were saved by their fellow Ararat Champions, it didn't take long for Caitlin's mental strength to be challenged during training with Steve 'Commando' Willis.

"Commando always scared me, but we got on pretty well in the end," she said.

"The training was hard at first but it was actually surprising how quickly it got you fit."

Caitlin was also slammed by other contestants in recent weeks for having poor nutrition which effectively led to her being put up for elimination with Toni Stockwell.

"Her diet is deplorable and she's very lazy," Black Team member Kerry Stockwell said during Tuesday night's elimination.

The Commando was also furious when he discovered Caitlin had been binging on a cheese and Vegemite snack during secret trips to The Biggest Loser kitchen.

Caitlin said she has put that behaviour behind her now and has learnt a lot about looking after her health, which she is determined to keep improving back in Ararat.

"I am just going to work my butt off to make sure I look as good as I can by the finale," she said.

"Being under 100kg is the aim, so hopefully I can achieve that."

Current weight loss

Craig - 28.9kg

Kerry - 26.2kg

Cal - 21.7kg

Toni - 19.3kg

Jane - 17.1kg

Katrina - 16.8kg

Sharon - 16.4kg

Kevin - 12.6kg

Caitlin (eliminated- 20.7kg

Shannon (left before weigh-in) - 11.2kg


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