Dynamic new minister at St Andrew's Uniting Church

ARARAT - The new minister at St Andrew's Uniting Church flies gliders, drives an old MG, plays music, enjoys good wine, and spends his holidays in the world's top university teaching bioethics.

A new minister is soon to start work in the Ararat Uniting Church parish.

A new minister is soon to start work in the Ararat Uniting Church parish.

Colin Honey will start work at the 10am Sunday service on March 30 with his induction service on Thursday March 27.

Currently in Cambridge, he said he's heard nothing but good things about Ararat.

"Last week in Cambridge I met a clergyman who went to school in Ararat. 'It's one of the best places on earth,' he told me. And my doctor says the standard of health care is brilliant. The Freemasons and Rotarians are famously active, drama and music are well-renowned, and the community is known to be caring and active," he said.

Mr Honey began his working life as a television producer at Channel 7 and has maintained his interest in broadcasting.

"I enjoy communicating, but first you have to get to know people. No-one needs to be told how to suck eggs. And everything I hear about Ararat is positive. We don't need anyone 'telling' us. I hope to learn lots; from the other churches, from community leaders, from people who love life and love Ararat," he said.

Mr Honey's family came to the Bendigo goldfields from Cornwall in the 1860s and then selected land up near Rochester. He said he's got a lot to learn about Ararat - but likes what he's seen.

His last parish was at Yarraville in Melbourne: he was named Citizen of the Year for his work with people of other faiths and cultures.

"We are dead lucky to be born in this great country - every one of us deserves respect, a share of the prosperity, a fair go. And every one has to pull their weight: there's no such thing as a free lunch!" he said.

"And no-one's any better than anyone else. We're all in this life together.

"I hope I can contribute in some ways by being useful to others who are doing good things in the community. Life's good; but life's short!"


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