Biggest Loser evictee a victim of circumstance

Matt Dalton was sent home from The Biggest Loser in a surprise elimination.

Matt Dalton was sent home from The Biggest Loser in a surprise elimination.

ARARAT - Matt Dalton was a victim of circumstance during last week's surprise elimination on The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia.

With numbers dwindling on the blue team, which had resulted in Matt becoming one of the strongest players, black team member Kerry Stockwell had no choice but to send his AME Systems' colleague home when he was forced to eliminate a contestant on the spot.

Matt isn't holding any grudges and in fact would like to see the man responsible for his demise win the title.

"I'd like to see Stocky take it out. He is a good mate of mine and I can't wait to see how he looks when he gets out," Matt said in an interview with The Ararat Advertiser after being eliminated.

"I realize it is part of a game. It is a life style change but at the same time it is still a competition, so I wasn't mad or holding any grudges to anyone, it is just part of the game.

"The blue team unfortunately just keep getting nutted in challenges and just kept going down which didn't help."

Matt began his Biggest Loser journey with a starting weight of 122.8kg and said revealing that to all of Australia in the first weigh-in was daunting.

"Originally I thought it was rather intimidating, but I thought just get it done and in the end it was fairly liberating," he said.

He described the Sydney Opera House challenge as 'really hard yakka' and by the end of the day he was facing the prospect of not even making it into the house.

"I was teamed up with Caitlin (Munday) and finished in the bottom two and were up for elimination right from the word go," he said.

"All the contestants went with the 'no vote' and we were all safe. Everybody agreed that everybody should get the chance to be in the house, so I felt pretty good to get into the house and away we went."

Matt said in The Biggest Loser house from the moment you wake up to when you fall asleep it is all about training to lose weight.

"You'd get up around 5am and by 5.30am you are already training, you'd do your 600 calories as best you'd can and then get set up for the rest of the day," he said.

"Each day there'd usually be a main training session with the trainers and then you'd have a bit of down time while you wait for interviews.

"It was challenging and exciting. There are some things that get a bit mundane and tedious, but mainly the stuff was challenging and exciting."

Since being home Matt said he was amazed to see the support the town of Ararat has given to the contestants back in the house.

The 37-year-old lost 10.5kg while in Sydney and has continued to drop the kilos since returning to Ararat.

"I've lost 13kg to date on the dot," he said.

"My aim is that I want to be between 85kg to 92kg by the finale, somewhere in that zone. So to get to at least 92kg at this stage I still have to lose 19kg in about two and a half months.

"I have been doing sessions with the personal trainer and then I also do my own training by myself. I pushed myself pretty hard the other night and the hammies are burning today!

"It is definitely making a difference in my life. I still have some work to do, but I am putting the effort in to get there and once I get there I will just work out how I can maintain it."

Weight loss - After week 2

Craig - 17.8kg

Kerry - 17kg

Mary - 13.4kg

Toni - 12.5kg

Jane - 12.3kg

Caitlin - 12.2kg

Cal - 10.8kg

Sharon - 10.5kg

Natalie - 8.5kg

Shannon - 8.1kg

Katrina - 7.6kg

Cameron - 18.5kg (eliminated)

Matt - 10.5kg (eliminated)

Kevin - 185.9kg (starting weight)


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