Rodger first eliminated

ARARAT - It's not over until the fat lady sings. That's the attitude Rodger Turner is taking with him after being eliminated from The Biggest Loser house earlier this week.

Rodger and Mary Reid faced the axe following Sunday night's first weigh-in, after the blue team fell below the yellow line.

After much deliberation and emotion the black team decided to save Mary, believing that she needed extra time in the house more than Rodger.

While disappointed to be the first one sent packing, Rodger is still focused on dropping the weight.

"I was thinking strategically and put my hand up hoping I'd be up against another person, but the plan sort of backfired and here I am sitting at home. I'm not really sitting still though, it is not over until the fat lady sings!" Rodger told The Ararat Advertiser immediately after leaving the show.

"I am still training and virtually doing the same as what I was in the house. I'm sticking to the diet and I've got a six month pass to the YMCA and my own personal trainer who is helping me out."

Rodger, whose starting weight was 125.6kg, said his aim between now and the finale is to lose 26kg to drop into the double figures.

The 51-year-old baker said he has already learnt plenty in The Biggest Loser house about training which will help him work to reach his goal.

"We have spoken with contestants from years gone by and they don't stop once it finishes. You've just got to stay focused," he said.

"Most of the week we were just training with Shannan and the Commando one, two or three times a day. The rest of the time it was then back on yourself to train and lose the calories.

"Shannan had his own gym set up and we would do a fair bit of boxing or go on the running machines and things like that. It would probably only be an hour or so, but you came out of it knowing that you had had a workout, I tell you!

"It has been an awesome experience. Something you dream about and it is not that hard to do because they (trainers) get you so motivated."

For some of the contestants the idea of revealing their weight in front of a packed Ararat Performing Arts Centre was a daunting experience, but not for Rodger.

"It wasn't too bad, I don't really worry about any of that. I can waltz around in anything and I'm not too fussed," he said.

"Emotion is a big word up there though. You've got mums in the house with young kids at home and single ladies and things like that and when you get on stage they pump a fair bit of emotion out of you.

"Because we are all from the same town, I virtually knew everyone that was up there and I'm just hoping everyone does well. Everyone is having a fair dinkum crack, that's for sure."

Rodger is now part of Michelle Bridges' secret team, and will be eligible to compete for a spot back in the show's main competition and a shot at the $50,000 grand prize later in the series.

Other highlights on The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia this week included Cameron Brown recording a weight loss of 15kg - the highest weight loss percentage ever achieved in the first week of the show. Nipping at his heels was Craig Booby, who lost 13.4kg.

The return of 'Big Kev', who was part of last year's Next Generation series was also a talking point. Kevin Moore began his journey at a whopping 254kg before dropping 55.4kg to 198.6kg by the program's end.

In the temptation challenge Callan Evans consumed more than 3000 calories which saw him offered $30,000, but in a twist it was revealed that money would come out of Ararat's town kitty (currently $40,680). Cal has until next week's weigh-in to make a decision.

Finally in a bizarre hoax, information website Wikipedia published what was claimed to be the final results of The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia.

The 'fake' leader board stated 17-year-old Caitlin Munday had won The Biggest Loser title, losing 48.12 per cent body weight.

The site also listed previous contestants' weigh-in figures, including actors Seth Rogen, Whoopi Goldberg and Hilary Duff as famous faces to have previously appeared on the show

Dedicated fans of the program contacted Network Ten to voice their concerns, with the station moving quickly to refute the information as 'completely, factually inaccurate'.

Weight loss - week 1

Katrina - 6.6kg

Cal - 9.5kg

Caitlin - 9.5kg

Matt - 9.1kg

Natalie - 6.0kg

Sharon - 8.7kg

Shannon - 6.2kg

Kerry - 12.5kg

Toni - 9.5kg

Jane - 10.6kg

Rodger - 5.9kg

Cameron - 15kg

Craig - 13.4kg

Mary - 11.1kg

The return of 'Big Kev', who was part of last year's The Biggest Loser: Next Generation series was also a talking point this week.

The return of 'Big Kev', who was part of last year's The Biggest Loser: Next Generation series was also a talking point this week.


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