Youth Club calls it quits

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GCA - Grampians Cricket Association has been forced to make changes to its B grade structure following the withdrawal of Youth Club from the competition.

During a meeting with Youth Club Cricket Club officials this week, it was agreed that Youth Club would withdraw its B grade team from the competition for the remainder of the season.

While not being overly thrilled with the withdrawal, GCA president Anthony Martin said it was the only outcome.

"No one is happy about the outcome, but it was the logical thing to do," he said.

"It's still a bit sad."

Youth Club B grade has only managed to field a team twice out of the possible eight matches in season 2013/14 and admitted that it would struggle to do so again this year.

"I guess like everyone else they over estimated the players that they would have," Mr Martin said.

"It is much easier for the bigger clubs to find players, but most small clubs struggle.

"You need better commitment from players in order to nominate more teams and Youth Club just did not have that."

From now on each scheduled game against the Youth Club B grade team will be seen as a bye and the opposition team will receive the six points they would normally be granted for a first innings win.

Anthony Martin is confident that the Association has made the right decision and says it will be better for both Youth Club and the opposition teams to avoid the stress of trying to find players and also waiting until Thursday before making plans.

The withdrawal of Youth Club B grade brings the Grampians Cricket Association into semi crisis mode, with the league having declined in numbers over recent seasons.

“We feel like most of the lower grades are using their under 16s and juniors to cover the issue of over nominating teams,” Mr Martin said.

Over the past three seasons the number of teams in the A grade division has also decreased with clubs folding and then re-entering.

“I think it is just a phase cricket as a whole is going through, but it is concerning for the region,” Mr Martin said.

“It just seems as though the top clubs field teams easily while the bottom teams are constantly doing head checks.”


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