Acting coach trades the glamour of Hollywood for the country life

REGION - Performing arts teacher Paul Parker has traded in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood for the peaceful surrounds of Landsborough.

Parker has lived in America for the past 11 years and was artistic director of AIDA - Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts - for nine years.

During this time he has helped budding actors get their foot in the door in the often cut-throat film and television industry.

Parker said while he enjoyed his time in the USA, there is no place like home.

"I always planned on coming back to Australia one day, I love the country and the beauty is I am back but still teaching," he said.

"I have students in Ballarat, Melbourne, Sydney and as far as LA and New York, even in Beijing. There is face to face teaching, but I can also do stuff via Skype, it just depends."

Parker teaches film, television and theatre acting, as well as on camera presenting including for news and sports presenting.

Parker said he teaches five different acting techniques including Australian techniques devised by himself after teaching for 23 years, along with Polish (Jerzy Grotowski), Russian (Constantin Stanislavski), German (Bertolt Brecht) and Hungarian (Rudolph Laban).

Parker, who worked as a performing arts teacher at the School of Mines and Industries in Ballarat in the early 1990s, said he was now enjoying living in the quaint surrounds on a farm in Landsborough.

"I wanted a change. I've trained and booked actors onto most USA television shows that Australians watch," he said.

"In the early 90s I travelled to schools in Stawell and Horsham and worked with students. I just loved the area and during my time in Stawell I met a teacher called Bonnie Carter.

"I use to email her from my office in Hollywood and I would always say when I move back to Australia I wanted come to the area and here I am.

"Out at Landsborough it is perfect. I lived in Hollywood and Manhattan and I finally decided I wanted a bit of space and to live in an open area, so this has worked very well."

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Performing arts teacher Paul Parker.

Performing arts teacher Paul Parker.