Council to implement findings of Wickliffe Flood study

Ararat - Ararat Rural City Council has adopted a planning scheme amendment to implement the findings of the Wickliffe Flood Investigation Study following devastating floods in 2011.

Amendment C29 involves a Local Policy, a Flood Overlay and a Land Subject to Inundation Overlay into the Ararat Planning Scheme.

In January 2011 the township of Wickliffe was impacted by a major flood event which affected many houses and the hotel in the main street. There was virtually no flood warning or intelligence available to inform flood preparation causing difficulty for emergency services and community response to the event.

As part of the response to this disaster the Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority (GHCMA) applied for funds to undertake the Wickliffe Flood Investigations Project in May 2011 with support from Ararat Rural City and the SES.

A key recommendation of the investigation included the preparation of Planning Scheme Amendment material to introduce planning controls to improve flood plain management.

The amendment sought the introduction of the Land Subject to Inundation and Floodway Overlay and schedule to the flood prone areas of Wickliffe.

Amendment C29 to the Ararat Planning Scheme has been exhibited in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Environment Act including referral and notice to property owners and government agencies.

Two submissions were received from the Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority confirming their support and assistance for the amendment and from the Department of Environment and Primary Industries stating it had no objection.

No submissions from landholders were received and therefore a planning panel was not required to consider objections and the adoption of the amendment was the next step in the process.

The adoption of C29 will ensure the protection of the Wickliffe flood plain and that future development responds to the risks associated with flooding.

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