Cal sent home... again

Ararat - Cal Evans was sent home from The Biggest Loser house for the second consecutive week, after a surprise return by the eliminated Ararat challengers, increasingly difficult challenges and a cut throat elimination created friction and high emotion in the house.

Last week Rodger Turner, Caitlin Munday, Cal Evans and Mary Reid returned to the house as part of Michelle Bridges' 'secret' team, and all contestants took part in a gruelling police training course challenge,which saw Rodger and Caitlin receive a 500 gram weight advantage for the weigh-in.

Prior to the weigh-in, last chance training saw some of the original contestants vent their frustration about the return of eliminated contestants.

They held nothing back, complaining that the eliminated contestants, who were about to weigh in, were seriously threatening their position in the game.

The original contestants were the first to weigh in, with Jane Jantzen recording the highest weight loss of 5.7 kilograms and telling host Hayley Lewis she had 'found her tingle'.

"Shannon is always at us to 'find our tingle' when working out," she said in reply to Hayley's curiosity about what that 'tingle' was.

Katrina Pianta recorded the lowest weight loss of the original contestants and expressed her concern, saying she was 'mentally already packing her suitcase'.

However, prior to the eliminated contestants weighing in, Hayley informed the originals that they all had immunity this week.

The four eliminated contestants then weighed in for the two remaining spots in the competition. The person with the highest weight loss would go straight back in to the house, the person with the lowest weight loss would be immediately eliminated, while the remaining two would face off in the elimination room.

Cal, who had put on weight the previous week, lost 2.2kg, Caitlin 3.2kg (her 500gm advantage bringing it to 3.7kg), Mary 2.0kg and Rodger 3.9kg (4.4kg with a 500gm advantage), meaning Rodger was straight back in the house, Mary was sent home and Cal and Caitlin were sent to the elimination room.

A heartfelt plea to the original contestants by Caitlin saw Cal sent home for the second time in as many weeks and Caitlin allowed back into the house for another week.

This week the contestants lost a combined total of 36.9 kilograms, raising $18,450 for Ararat and increasing the town kitty to $86,770.

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