Who wants to be a millionaire?

Last year's TopTippa winner Peter Harris.
Last year's TopTippa winner Peter Harris.

ARARAT - The Ararat Advertiser's TopTippa competition is back again this year.

TopTippa is the footy tipping competition with a twist that gives you a shot at winning $1million by picking winners throughout the 2014 AFL season.

The twist is that you are rewarded points that are based on the actual odds of each match, so it pays to pick out an underdog every now and then.

The favourite teams are issued with lower points, the underdogs are issued with higher points and if you pick the draw then points issued are even higher.

It gives all those players languishing behind the leaders a fantastic opportunity to catch up by predicting which games could go against the favourites and it means the leaders are constantly looking over their shoulders.

Each week the highest tipper of the round or those tippers who pick the perfect round will be rewarded, while the overall winner of the The Ararat Advertiser's tipping competition will receive two invitations to the TopTippa AFL Grand Final Experience.

Ararat's local winner will be up against all other South Australian and Victorian TopTippa finalists. Finalists will play in a TopBetta tournament at the event where the winner of this tournament we get one shot at the $1 million jackpot, with a guaranteed minimum prize of $5,000.

The next ten runners up at the Topbetta AFL Grand Final tournament will have the chance to win $25,000, with a guaranteed minimum prize of $500.

Last year Peter Harris was in first position on The Ararat Advertiser's TopTippa footy tipping leader board with 221.09 points at the conclusion of the AFL home and away season and earned himself the opportunity of a lifetime.

While he didn't walk away a millionaire, Mr Harris got the opportunity to experience the highs and lows of the last Saturday in September first hand with son Matthew and collected $500 for his efforts.

To register you must be 18 years of age or older.

For more information or to register for the competition go to www.toptippa.com.au.