Cooler start to summer didn’t dampen holiday spirit of visitors to Lake Bolac

Allansford visitors Charlotte with Bell and Xavier with Hunter.
Allansford visitors Charlotte with Bell and Xavier with Hunter.

LAKE BOLAC - While summer has now well and truly arrived with the recent heatwave as well as this week's high temperatures, campers at Lake Bolac earlier this month were a little disappointed at the weather.

Warrnambool resident Gerard Farley, who each year rings in the New Year at the Lake Bolac Caravan Park with his family, said the unseasonable start to 2014 put a slight damper on the holiday.

"This year has probably been the worst, just the wind, but there isn't much you can do you've just got to put up with it," he said.

"The good thing is that when the lake is rough there is still plenty of other things to do around the park, whereas if you are in Warrnambool and it is windy you are stuck in your caravan.

"We do water skiing and golf, swim in the outdoor pool, lawn bowls - it has got everything you need for a holiday."

Only drought and a dry lake bed in the early 2000s stopped Mr Farley from bringing his family to Lake Bolac for the annual holiday.

"Coming back so often you sort of get to know everyone in the caravan park so that is good," he said.

"What we have found this year is a lot of new faces to previous times, so I guess word is getting out.

"It is good though, we spent New Year's Eve just sitting around the campfire and kicked back and relaxed, that's what it is all about."