Holiday destination guide leads family to Green Hill Lake

ARARAT - A page promoting Green Hill Lake in the Camp 7 Book, a popular holiday destination guide, led Elaine and Richard Waga to town.

That was a couple of years ago and Mr Waga said it is the lake’s picturesque surroundings that keep the pair coming back.

“We used to travel around Australia and a couple of years ago we pulled up here and the ranger was so helpful and friendly that we stayed,” he said.

“We have been here probably three or four times since then.”

Mrs Waga said they noticed the considerable drop in water levels from previous years, but they weren’t too concerned at the change.

We go into town and do some shopping and spend money in there. We never really use the lake anyway, so we aren’t too worried,” she said.

“I remember being here when there were cracks in it bigger than my arm!” Mr Waga added.

This year the Williamstown couple were joined at Green Hill Lake by Mrs Waga’s brother Graeme Borchard and his wife Edna from Nyah.

Mr Borchard said he was looking forward to relaxing for a few days.

“My sister is from Melbourne and she has been down before and raved about the place, so this year we decided to join them,” he said.

“We don’t plan on doing a lot of things, just sitting down and having a relax. I might have a swim if the weather stays warm, I haven’t got that far yet.”

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