Fire safety starts with you

ARARAT - Ararat CFA volunteers have a simple message for every member of the community this summer, 'Fire safety starts with you', and they want you to take action on it today.

Ararat Fire Brigade Captain Shaun Ralph said summer is well under way, there have already been hundreds of fires across the state, and being prepared makes you safer from bushfires.

He said dry grass around the outskirts of Ararat and neighbouring towns is one local hazard that makes it particularly important that every member of the Ararat community is ready.

"Grassfires can move very quickly, which leaves you very little time to respond if you have not prepared and been aware of any warnings," Mr Ralph said.

"Having a good plan for your family's safety means every member of the family is alert on days of high fire danger and knows what to do straight away if there's a fire in the area.

"Good preparation means you're not caught out if something goes wrong; a missed warning, a power failure, a road closure or just bad decisions made in a hurry."

The Ararat Fire Brigade volunteers have a simple tip to get you started; have a battery powered radio and a torch where you can easily find them. They will come in handy if there is a power failure, whether it is bushfire related or not.

"There are easy sources of good advice; the State Government's website has the latest, you can get today's conditions and warnings, or order an information kit from the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667, or you can talk to your local CFA brigade for advice on local conditions," he said.

"Your local CFA volunteers are trained, qualified and ready to protect this community, and we want you to be ready too, because fire safety starts with you.

"Victoria has 60,000 CFA volunteers, and CFA Brigades protect 60 per cent of suburban Melbourne, regional cities and all of country Victoria every day and night of the year."

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