Council to capitalise on Biggest Loser screening

Ararat - Ararat Rural City is set to capitalise on the screening of the Biggest Loser Ararat series in 2014.

Council believes a very positive spotlight will be put on Ararat during the screening of the show next year, showing how smaller communities work together and how people have supported each other in this journey.

Planning for promotion of Ararat as a place to 'Visit, live, work and raise a family' is occurring across all council departments to ensure this unique opportunity is capitalised on.

A promotion will occur from February and continue through to the Regional Living Expo held in Melbourne in April.

The key theme for the marketing campaign will continue with the 'Ararat is' branding and will utilise a number of forms of media including television advertising during the airing of the program.

Council heard from staff that additional work continues towards gathering data, developing case studies and a documentary of the Ararat experience.

While much of the data is still under embargo until the show is aired, once this occurs the data will be utilised and promoted as a case study for interventions in population health.

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